Lexus GX and TX Shine in ‘December To Remember’ Ads

Luxurious Off-Roader and Siberian Huskies

The emblemic ‘December to Remember’ ads of Lexus are back again for the joyful season, and the extravagant brand is now concentrating on their two recent luxury SVU’s – the all-new Lexus GX and the Lexus TX. Both of these have been launched this year.

The up-to-date advertising effort emphasizes the enigma of the festive season, capturing the special instants that make this epoch of year memorable. The latest Lexus advertisements, Undercover Lexus and Sled Pooches, prominently demonstrate their brand-new luxury Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

In the film Sled Dogs, the 2024 Lexus GX 550 takes center stage. Atop a snowy trail, the driver carefully steers the powerful off-roader down as a woman is navigating through the route. In the back seat, a howling Siberian Husky attempting to lend a helping hand of advice. Trusting the pup’s instructions, the Lexus GX 550travels into a covered area revealing the dog’s owner and a troop of doggies busily fixing a faulty sled.

The duo, along with all the canines, were then seen calmly journeying in the opulent Lexus GX.

Reminded of an innocent childish belief that all things are possible, Overnight Lexus illustrates a parent-child moment where faith and dreams come true. Starting off with the father reading a fabled story about magical beans that bloom suddenly to their son as they tuck him in for the night before he snuggles up into bed. But once his parents fall asleep, the youngster takes it upon himself to sneak out into the driveway and buries his play car under the snow. When morning comes, his eyes sparkle with joy when instead of the toy, a luxe Lexus TX stands where he left his miniature vehicle.A beautiful parable of parental love and a child’s unconditional trust – that anything is conceivable – Overnight Lexus paints a vivid picture reminding us that faith and aspirations can become real. It commences with the papa narrating an imaginative fairy tale about magical seedpods that blossom supernaturally while tucking in his toddler. Then, after his mother and father nod off, the little one smuggles out to the pavement and buries his model auto underneath the powdery snow. When he awakens, what he spots is not his toy but a lustrous Lexus TX parked precisely where he’d hidden his

For the 2023 Lexus ‘December to Call To Mind,’ the brand will resurrect Time Machine, first aired back in 2022. In this advert, a young child envisions his father arriving home in a Lexus RX, which he confidently assumes is a time machine. He cherishes the thought of it bringing the holiday season sooner so he ca could welcomesee his older brother. On their way to the airport, the boy happened halves off into asleep and wakes up to be greeted by his elder brother holding a gift.

Overnight Lexus | Lexus

This December, a truly unique digital experience is here: ‘December to Remember.’ The Las Vegas Sphere will be revamped as an enchanting snow globule that shatters open, disclosure the new 2024 Lexus GX donning a striking red bow. Starting from now, anyone in Las Vegas can witness this inventive campaign live until the 26th of November.

In order to try and pull in a new generation of buyers – something Lexus hasn’t been very prosperous with as of late – the luxury carmaker is teaming up with online celebrity and digital artist, Sebastian Jern. The artist will construct a tiny winter wonderland scene featuring the Lexus RX plus an enormous red ribbon.

Reminding us all that the end of year festivities are not to be focused on ceaseless consumerism, Lexus will bestow a generous $150,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in an effort to aid their vital work with children and local communities.

2023 December to Remember: Time Machine | Lexus

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