2024 Lexus LM Minivan Debuting Soon

Auto Shanghai 2023 Debut

In a shocking statement, Lexus disclosed they will be introducing their most up-to-date LM to the European market.

Four years ago, Lexus stunned the world when they unveiled the LM at Auto Shanghai 2019. This luxed-up version of the Toyota Alphard was specifically designed for the Chinese market, where posh minivans have become an important niche, as not everyone desires to drive a flashy SUV or be chauffeured in one. And now, next week at the same show in the People’s Republic, the “all-new” LM will make its official debut.

Lexus has yet to disclose any specifics on the forthcoming LM, although the supplemental tasting photo implies that it is a next-level iteration instead of just a resurfacing of Alphard in formal evening wear. There are below a few images of the retired model and one can quickly observe that rear column has been tweaked. The taillight silhouette is quite distinct while the quarter glass location looks slightly petite on the new model.

Facing off against the Buick GL8 Century, the inbound LM is presented as an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) rather than a full-size van, or so Lexus desires us to assume. It remains to be observed whether it’ll be a stand-alone model dissimilar from the Alphard or if the 2024 LM is also a sneak peek of Toyota’s fourth-gen minivan. All told, the plain minivan has been a staple since 2015, with a refresh manifesting in 2018, thus a revamped version is past due.

In China, top-level minivans can be really expensive. For example, a four-seat LM with all the fancy features available easily costs more than $200,000. Furthermore, if you make sure to choose every item in the alternatives menu, the Buick GL8 Century may even exceed a hundred thousand dollars.

Customers have a wide range of options in the world’s most densely populated country (or is it India?) due to the presence of top-of-the-line SUVs and minivans, along with many international lavish brands constructing extended-wheelbase cars. There are even stretched versions of SUVs present in China, which is an incredibly competitive marketplace where home-grown labels are currently catching up.

Auto Shanghai 2023 is slated to begin on April 18th with its press launch, wrapping up on April 27th as the last day for public viewing.

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