Lexus RZ: High-Powered 550e Variant Unleashed

New Variants of RZ350e and RZ500e Revealed in Trademark Filings

Lexus has put forth a series of trademark registrations pertaining to its electric sport utility vehicle, the RZ, hinting toward no less than three fresh variants with new powertrain alternatives. These trademark filings were located by CarBuzz in numerous nations, including with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In the United States, the Lexus RZ is exclusively equipped with one powertrain option. The Lexus RZ450e features a dual-motor system that runs on a 71.4-kWh li-ion battery, providing 308 horses and up to 220 miles of range. In addition, Lexus recently unveiled the RZ300e, thereby indicating there is potential for expansion in this series.

Given what is known regarding the RZ, our most shrewd speculation is that Toyota is developing an advanced battery pack which will boost both their range and power. We anticipate that the RZ350e will employ a similar arrangement as the RZ300e excluding with a bigger battery featuring the most recent version of technology.

By their explanation, it is imaginable that the Lexus RZ Sport Proposition might possibly go into created as the RZ500e. Lexus has announced that they won’t construct a stunning, enormous power RZ F-Sport, but it would not be the primary time a maker misled the public to misdirect us in regards to upcoming models.

The Sport Concept was endowed with a duo of 150 kW motors, yielding a collective 402 electronic equines. By contrast, the typical RZ450e accomplishes this same feat via an 150 kW motor at the front end, and a lower 80 kW unit in the back.

This car is more than satisfactory (besides its limited range), yet the RZ500e would be able to compete effectively against more powerful competitors, such as the Tesla Model Y Performance and Ford Mustang Mach-E GT.

That points us into the direction of the RZ550e designation, suggesting distinct possibilities. It could suggest either an enlargement of the battery or perhaps some adjustments to the various engines available. Or maybe, it obtains a combination of both modifications.

Tri-motor configurations are increasingly turning into a more regular sighting. The most recent auto to have this arrangement is the Cyberbeast version of the newly released Cybertruck.

If Lexus fancies themselves developing the ultimate RZ, they may need to look no further than their own small 80 kW motor for the front axle and couple it with two 150 kW motors on the rear shaft. This combination could summon up an approximated 500 hp overall strength, which is not particularly revolutionary in this age of 1,000h bhp saloons, but more than enough to guilt-trip you into reality with severely quick acceleration.

We’ll have to sit back and observe accurately what Lexus has projected, but there are a minimum of three fresh RZ offshoots anticipated.

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