Limited Edition: Just 20 Brown 2023 Corvette Z06s Available!

Chevy Produces 53,785 Corvettes for 2023, Certain Shades Less Popular

The complete report on 2023 Chevrolet Corvette purchases has been revealed by the Corvette Museum, providing valuable information on the specific details chosen by buyers during the last year. Out of the total of 53,785 Corvettes sold, only 6,413 were Z06 models. Surprisingly, out of those Z06s, an incredibly small number of just 20 vehicles were coated in the distinct Caffeine color, as displayed in the photo above.

The production of the popular Corvette saw a significant increase of 108% in 2023, most likely due to fewer restrictions on supplies caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As reported by Corvette Blogger, Chevy successfully manufactured 27,943 coupes and 25,842 convertibles, with a split of 52% and 48%, respectively. Surprisingly, the proportions are reversed when considering Z06 models alone, with 3109 coupes and 3,304 convertibles constructed. We completely understand the appeal of the convertible version, as it allows for a clearer and more exhilarating experience of the car’s flat-plane-crank V8 engine revving up to an impressive 8600 rpm.

As we delve into the sales data, a fascinating trend emerges: color preferences. Torch Red reigns supreme as the top choice, boasting an impressive 7,896 units produced and comprising 15 percent of all 2023 Corvette sales. Trailing closely behind is Arctic White with 7,216 cars sold, followed by Black with 6,403 units.

In 2023, Chevy only managed to sell a mere 536 caffeinated-colored Corvettes, which accounted for less than one percent of their total production. Out of these rare cars, 516 were Stingrays while the remaining 20 were Z06s. Interestingly, among the Z06s, there were only 10 coupes and 10 convertibles in the caffeinated shade. If you’re lucky enough to own a brown Z06, you should know that you possess one of the most scarce mid-engine Corvettes in existence. In fact, we’re positive that this will greatly increase the value of your car at a Mecum auction in the next 30 years. And it’s worth noting that Chevy has ceased production of the caffeinated option, along with another color called Elkhart Blue, as of 2024. These have been replaced by two new shades, Riptide Blue and Cacti, a unique green-grey tone first revealed on the E-Ray model.

In 2023, not only did the Corvette receive criticism for its use of caffeine as a color, but also for other unpopular choices. Second from the bottom in popularity was Silver Flare, with a mere 1695 units manufactured. Close behind was Accelerate, a vibrant yellow hue, with only 1898 cars produced. These colors accounted for only 3 and 4 percent of the total production, respectively.

Source: Corvette Blogger

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