Locking Differential Controls for Tesla Cybertruck: Anticipated Arrival Still Pending

Release date for feature remains uncertain.

According to a recent video posted on YouTube by VoyageATX, early adopters of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck were met with a frustrating message on their central display: “Locking Differential Controls Coming Soon.” Despite the fact that the electric pickup EV took four years to launch, it seems that some features were not yet fully functional for those eager to get behind the wheel.

At a cost of $79,990 for the AWD version of the Cybertruck ($99,990 for the more powerful Cyberbeast), it is regrettable that drivers are currently unable to utilize one of its key features – off-road capability. The specific release dates have not been confirmed, but according to Tesla’s dashboard message, it is expected in the near future.

It must be challenging for owners, particularly for the YouTuber who ventured off the beaten path in his Tesla Cybertruck. It seems that Tesla is delaying the use of the off-road function for unknown reasons.

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One intriguing aspect is that the prototype of the Cybertruck did possess a rudimentary off-road capability. In a post on social media platform X, chief engineer Wes Morill revealed that the dual-motor configuration includes locking front and rear differentials, while the tri-motor version only has it at the front. Additionally, each of the rear wheels in the Cyberbeast have an electric motor, eliminating the need for a differential system. Morill even boasted that the Cybertruck could confidently conquer a challenging incline, as long as it is driven by someone experienced.

Regardless of the cause for the delay, we anticipate that the utilization of front or rear locking differentials will not require a subscription in the future, following suit with other brands such as BMW and their contentious heated seat subscription.

After being activated, the wedge-shaped EV truck’s capacity to drive off-road should enhance. As its name implies, a locking differential secures the rotation of the wheels on an axle. This ensures that the force is evenly distributed between both wheels, making it advantageous when one wheel lacks sufficient grip on the terrain.

As the popularity of over-the-air (OTA) updates increases, those who own a Cybertruck may no longer need to visit a dealership in order to activate the locking differential feature on their electric vehicles. While OTA updates have advantages such as providing more frequent improvements, there are some who do not approve of them. In fact, a state in the US even attempted to outlaw this system in 2022.

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