Lotus Announces Global Debut of Customization Services in 2021

Colin and Hazel Chapman’s Legacy Lives On: Introducing Lotus Chapman Bespoke, Crafting Custom Cars for Discerning Clients

If you’re in the market for a high-powered sports car like those made by Lotus Cars, you may desire to have your vehicle customized to suit your individual desires and preferences. Unfortunately, the available options can often be limited, leaving customers with few choices. Recognizing this as a chance to expand their business, Lotus has introduced their bespoke service – Lotus Chapman Bespoke.

It is a well-known fact that automobile companies have been providing tailored services to their high-end customers for some time now. The practice of offering bespoke options is not new, as even other British car manufacturers like Bentley and Aston Martin have established exclusive departments such as the Mulliner and Q Commission, respectively. Lotus, being a prominent luxury technology brand that prides itself on more than just creating automobiles, is proud to introduce its own bespoke services called Lotus Chapman Bespoke.

Indulging the global trend, Lotus Chapman Bespoke has been introduced to meet the increasing demand for tailored services. As expressed by Ben Payne, the Design VP of Lotus Group, a significant number of their clientele is in pursuit of a customized experience. These discerning customers desire their Lotus vehicles to be personalized according to their preferred hues, materials, textiles, and intricacies.

Lotus Chapman Bespoke offers a wide range of services for customers who purchase new Lotus vehicles. These services allow buyers to modify and personalize their cars to suit their individual preferences. Options include customizing badges and trims, or enlisting the help of Lotus Chapman Bespoke for a completely unique and personalized vehicle experience.

Lotus Chapman Bespoke will introduce a variety of options for personalization and customization upon its release. These options include Tailor-made, Collection, and One-off services. Customers will have the freedom to select their favorite colors and designs from a diverse palette with the Tailor-made option. This level of personalization grants customers the ability to embellish their Lotus cars in their desired color, accompanied by unique personal details.

When it comes to customizing their ultimate Lotus sports car, such as the Emira, customers may face a difficult decision. However, the Collection level offers access to a variety of exclusive designs for those who cannot make a choice. With the help of Lotus Chapman Bespoke, customers have the opportunity to select their desired designs and have them applied to their cars.

Lotus Chapman Bespoke has joined forces with various collaborators, including artists and high-end brands, to create their designs. The One-off level of customization is perfect for individuals seeking a fully personalized and individualized vehicle that reflects their specific desires. This option allows customers to not only personalize every aspect of the car, but also construct a completely new and one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Lotus Group has announced its plans to introduce Lotus Chapman Bespoke to the Chinese market on April 25, 2024. This strategic move is not only due to China’s position as one of the largest global markets, but also because the company’s majority shareholder, Geely, is a Chinese automaker. Following this initial launch, Lotus intends to extend its bespoke service to other regions within the coming months.

Lotus Chapman Luxury is the moniker chosen in honor of the illustrious creators of the company, Colin and Hazel Chapman. The Chapmans established their enterprise in 1948 within London, establishing a reputation for crafting personalized and exceptional pieces. Colin personally penciled and intricately crafted the initial cars for the company from his own household, embodying the true essence of the Chapman legacy. This same pioneering spirit is envisioned to be embraced by Lotus’s fresh bespoke program, as it moves forward into the future. Presently, Clive Chapman – their son – holds the role of Director at Classic Team Lotus.

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