M1 Procar Hits Hay at Goodwood FoS

No High Speed Impact Relief

The debut of the BMW M1 as a high-performance street vehicle took place in 1978. Its first year was marked by the start of the BMW M1 Procar Championship, which featured ace drivers from various motor sport areas in a single-make contest. To meet the demands of the competition, the car manufacturer based in Munich created the race variant of the M1, and this model has been an instrumental part in BMW M’s history to this day. proofing Notably, rare examples of the M1 Procar can still be witnessed competing at competitions throughout the planet.

Just this past Saturday, the renowned Goodwood celebration of speed exhibited some exceptional and speeding autos going up that memorable 1.16 miles hillside. An immense variety of awesome BMWs were available and one model which especially fascinated us was the dark and red M1 Procar. With regret, it did not experience its greatest day on Sunday (the period when the actual slopping race happened) after losing traction in a corner and simultaneously crashing into the straw bales.

As depicted in the video located at the start of this page, we don’t have a massive smash-up on our hands. So, what happened? Well, when braking prior to the corner, the car’s front left tyre was caught on the grass, and with no traction plus the limited pavement after that, the racecar couldn’t decelerate adequately enough to prevent colliding with the haystacks utilized as safety defences at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Thankfully, the impact wasn’t particularly severe and driver Steven Osborne survived unscathed.

We are familiar with the vehicle caught on camera; it is a 1979 BMW M1 Procar. Hiding beneath its hood is the powerful M88 3.5 liters straight-six engine, which can produce approximately 470 hp. It is driven through a five-speed manual transmission having a newly-installed cooler and updated gear ratios. Furthermore, the race car is equipped with an entirely reworked suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars.

Source: Luca Racing on YouTube

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