Mad Mike’s 5-Rotor Mazda: A World First

No Mistake: Anyone Else Surprise You?

“Mad Mike Whiddett, a drifting guru, has unveiled the ‘Madaz 787D’, a drift car with the world’s first five-rotor Wankel engine. This drift car is unlike anything else, and will surely make a powerful and bold statement in automotive design.”

The Madaz 787D pays respect to the renowned Mazda 787B – an automotive revered worldwide for its triumph at the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans and still today, the only car aside from a piston-powered vehicle to ever win this event. At the foundation of the creation by Mad Mike is the 33B Wankel rotary that has been in the works with Pulse Performance Race Engineering exceeding four years. The engine encompasses five 654cc cylinders providing a total displacement of 3.3 liters, quadruple the size of the Mazda MX-30’s rotary range extender. Boasting power of a minimum of 650 horsepower, this engineering feat is sure to be impressive.

WORLDS first 5rotor is ALIVE! 787D

The 787D’s complete stainless steel tube frame and outer shell has been heavily influenced by Mad Mike’s celebrated four-rotor Madbull. Crafted with precision by leading Japanese tuning company Tra Kyoto, makers of the illustrious Pandem/Rocket Bunny kits; the design process took three years before being presented to the public through a Hot Wheels 1:64 scale replication. The output pays homage to the 787B, complete with custom aerodynamics in consultation with Rocket Bunny and a focused livery pattern imaging the ‘scissor cut’ image – thanking sponsors Renown and Charge for their support.

The 787D is equipped with a successive transmission in combination with supplemental fittings, containing a Haltech ECU, KW suspension, Wilwood brakes, and exclusive, deep-rim Rotiform steelie-style rims.

Aimed at drifting and set up as an eye-catching attraction, the automobile is due to make appearances globally, executing its first high-performing demonstration at the renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2024. Additionally, Mad Mike also seeks to display the car at elite racing meetings such as Formula 1. Therefore, a couple of minor adjustments will need to be made before it can take on tracks and thrill audiences with its impressive drift displays – epitomising the amalgamation of Mazda and simply outrageousness that resides within Mad Mike’s mind.

Unveiled at the Mad Mike Summer Celebration in Waikato, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Drifter Mike seeks for his newest 787D creation to outshine his previous works, among which is the Lamborghini Huracan NIMBUL drift motor vehicle, which made its debut at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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