Making Mazda’s Soul Red Crystal Metallic Shine Even Brighter

Nothing Comparable to What’s Coming

We’ve compiled some great tech so far this year, yet we perhaps should have held off since we have encountered a Patent for a unique paint procedure engineered by Mazda to maximize the brilliance and intensity of red coloration.

A application for a patent was formally lodged with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and to be fair, fully understanding this may demand the capacity of an optician; however, in simpler terms, Mazda has worked out the ultimate formula and approach to making red stand out in ways never seen before, as exemplified by the captivating Soul Red Crystal. Just take a gander at the Mazda MX-5 below to discover what this looks like in practice.

It’s difficult to comprehend the full extent of the implications of these discoveries, however extensive testing was conducted to determine that something worthy of a patent had been developed. Five tables were used to illustrate how changes in the mass concentration of components would affect the ‘pop factor’ of the color – a term which is not easily defined using scientific terminology.

Moreover, in addition to the definitive chemical composition, Mazda has decided on what orientation to apply some layers of the finish so that red is more perceptible than black or silver, which would be discernable as light is either absorbed or reflected across different angles. The corporation further discusses how leafing and non-leafing kinds of metal can be employed differently and the potential benefits of each providing specialized reflectivity.

Last year, Mazda presented another beautiful hue known as Artisan Red, and while it is breathtaking, the tone is richer and darker than Soul Red Crystal. We observe more regularly that black is seen in the color. With that being said, we predict this fresh pigmentation will display on the contrary side of the range boasting a much brighter impression than Soul Red.

No doubt, these ideas could be suitable for other colors as well. Yet, Mazda has created a unique three-layered shade: the Rhodium White Premium. Notwithstanding, red is also vivacious, acting boldly and passionately; and we don’t reject when unique versions of it come from Mazda.

The ideal venue to introduce this innovative new coating would be a revolving sports car, such as Mazda. Just saying!


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