Swarovski Crystal Infotainment Display Elevates In-Cabin Luxury

Crystal Center Display: A Revolutionary Collaboration between Continental and Swarovski Mobility

Swarovski crystals are well-known for their use in cars to exude a sense of luxury, but Continental has elevated this trend by introducing the world’s inaugural infotainment display constructed with this exquisite material. The Crystal Center Display, as it is called, was unveiled by the German company at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where it was recognized as one of the distinguished recipients of the CES Innovation Award for its exceptional product design.

Collaborating with Swarovski Mobility, Continental has developed the Crystal Center Display which boasts a 10-inch screen seamlessly integrated into a housing made of crystal. The entire unit is devoid of any frames and has a semi-transparent appearance, giving it a unique and futuristic feel.

Continental's Crystal Center Display Is Built On Swarovski Crystal

“Maintaining the same quoted text, Dr. Boris Mergell, head of Continental’s User Experience (UX) business, expressed our goal of using the Crystal Center Display as a crucial element to revolutionize interior design and establish a groundbreaking centerpiece for luxury vehicles of tomorrow. Our aim is to captivate audiences and evoke emotions, departing from the traditional approach of simply presenting information and taking it to the next level of a personalized and immersive user experience.”

The mechanism operates using microLED technology, allowing for customizable levels of brightness and contrast. The microLED panel responsible for generating the image is held within the crystal casing, creating the impression that the screen is levitating, redefining the concept of floating displays in the automotive industry.

Swarovski Mobility has placed a strong emphasis on utilizing the volumetric crystal panel in order to produce a one-of-a-kind, tinted facet through the implementation of specialized grinding methods. The company, based in Austria, proudly asserts that the crystal casing is both “fragile yet remarkably sturdy,” successfully tackling the “optical and technical obstacles that come with in-vehicle utilization.”

It is yet to be determined which original equipment manufacturers will opt for the lavish and extravagant Crystal Center Display. However, we can envision upcoming models of the Rolls-Royce Spectre or any of their vehicles adorned with Swarovski crystals in their exquisite interiors. Additionally, considering that BMW is currently utilizing the crystal in their BMW Iconic Glow headlights, as well as the shifter and iDrive controls in the X7, it is probable that the display would seamlessly integrate into future versions of their top-tier Bimmers.

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