Manhart’s Mercedes V-Class: Minivan with AMG Flair

Go Big or Go Home!

Manhart Performance latest offering goes to show that it is more than capable of overhauling even conventional cars. Although its identification remains largely intertwined with that of BMWs, Manhart has in fact developed modifications for Mercedes models, such as the G-Class. Its most recent addition is the Manhart V 350.

The Mercedes V-Class can be perceived as being a reduced variant of the Mercedes Sprinter, a passenger van. In other words, it might have been a viable contender against vehicles like the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica had it been obtainable in this region. Although that is slightly unfair on the Merc, let’s not digress from the point we are trying to make.

Manhart’s modifications begin with their Inferno body set, meticulously copying the design of legitimate AMG bits.

Right upfront, the Manhart V 350 has a fresh bumper stylised with an air splitter, while the bonnet is matched by a honeycomb grille. The everyday lighting presents an eye-catching look – and the matte black trims are dark enough to give it credence to the ‘Night Package’ designation previously claimed by AMG.

Fitted with side skirts, rear vented bumper and goggle-black mirror covers exuding a classic four-square exhaust pipes allure, the roof spoiler and black MercedesBenz emblem completes the menacing aura induced by the tinted glazed windows.

Enhancing the overall aesthetic is a collection of tailor-made 20-inch double-spoke aluminum wheels with an ebony glossy surface and a diminished height (all the way down to 0.98 inches) provided by H&R Springs. This proclamation that ‘less is more’ is something a certain tuning expert, whose moniker begins with the letter M, appears to misconceive.

These bodykit configurations can also come in carbon fiber, which makes them feel luxurious. Prices vary from €265 (or the equivalent of around $296 when converted to the current currency exchange) to €4685 ($5 056) for a back bumper equipped with a diffuser made from carbon fiber.

This particular instance that you are looking at has been subjected to a boost in power, which was the request of the proprietor. Manhart Performance integrated their MHtronik instrument, thus bestowing the 2.2-liter biturbo four-cylinder diesel engine with an increase of 45 horse power and 63 lb-ft of torque, reaching up to 276 horsepower and 431 lb-ft collectively.

We may be deprived of these sorts of models currently, yet Mercedes intends to bring high-end vans to the US at some point in the future, all being electric. This would mark the discontinuation of the Metris van, which was halted earlier on this year.

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