Modified Manhart Mercedes: Family Cool, Unavailable

More Low, More Power, More Style: The Manhart V 350

It’s no surprise that Manhart has crafted yet another exceptional vehicle. Introducing the Manhart V 350, this seven-seater minivan offers quite the experience. From its vibrant body kit to its lowered suspension and additional kick from the engine, you won’t want to miss out on this one -too bad it’s not available in the United States.

Manhart has included black wheels with a cross-spoke design paired to a full set of lowering modules.You’ll immediately spot the AMG-inspired appearance on this V-Class. It is recognized thanks to the TopCar Design body kit showcasing its fresh bottom grille and vast corner intakes. Obviously, it takes inspiration from the AMG squad, although numerous smaller aspects are additionally present to finish off the overhaul. The hood, supplanting the mainly horizontal hood with a two-humped head, is one of them. What’s more, there is a delicate lip spoiler attached to the fascia plus elevated LED lamps. To completing the new look, Manhart has placed ebony cross-spoke style rims alongside an entire lower suspension edition.

Traveling backwards you’ll observe side skirts and fender embellishments that lend the van an edgier stance. There’s a rear fascia diffuser incorporated in the updated design, as is appropriate for the AMG concept. And, as per Manhart, all of these ornaments are entirely made out of carbon fiber.

One could assume that aesthetics enhancements are adequate for a custom minivan, however there are also mechanical changes available to this family hauler. The body kit adds to its lowered profile, but it has actually been purposely lowered by an inch due to the use of H&R springs. Additionally, 20-inch double-spoke wheels help bolster performance, providing more power as you drive.

Manhart has fitted a tuning programme to the not-so-powerful two-turbo diesel motor in the van, escalating the horsepower to 280 and providing an amazing 431 lb.-ft of torque. The outcome may not be blazingly fast but should suffice for unconstrained cruising along at over 100 mph.

Manhart has not publicised costs for this modification, but we are delighted to witness a van beginning to be appreciated by the aftermarket market. Nowadays, it seems increasingly prevalent to observe extravagantly-fitted SUVs.

Source: Manhart

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