Mansory Desecrates Mercedes-AMG SL63

Where is the Funding Coming From?

The refined Mercedes SL63 AMG has become the epitome of curvaceous and fancy touring. Equipped with a handcrafted eight-cylinder engine from AMG, it offers 577 horsepower and intense torque. However, the German tuning brand Mansory have taken this respected car to a completely different level as depicted on their Instagram. Replacing the neat curves and simplistic design of the vehicle, they have injected an abundance of carbon fiber, sharp corners, and an obnoxious grille which even BMW might balk at. Advertised with a 0-62 mph run in just 3.2 seconds, Mansory truly have upped the ante of the already impressive sophisticated roadster.

Mansory welcomed the launch of its first ever self-governed showroom in Dubai at the conclusion of 2021. As an area where many of its vehicles would be able to fully thrive, this store featured 22-inch wheels and a completely leather-based internal. Nevertheless, let’s sincerely hope that Mansory-branded seatbelts are a configurable choice.

The tuner has declared that two different performance variants are accessible – P720 and P850. Monsory translates some power in PS, so it stands to reason that one should come close to 720 horsepower whilst the other will be near 850 hp. Both of these would constitute an immense improvement over the AMG SL63’s native 577 hp.

There doesn’t seem to be any more relevant information other than environmental data and gas efficiency, which surely doesn’t factor in to the considerations of Mansory’s clientele. A quick tour of their store gives an idea of the kinds of items they have to offer; like a carbon fibre money clip and, should that not prove sufficient, a carbon fibre armchair draped with some golden fabric – all of this for an astounding $6000.

The Mercedes SL63 AMG produced by Mansory, is a car ideal for those with all the money but little in the way of aesthetic taste. This isn’t even their most displeasing design, however; that unfortunate title goes to their Urus models.

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