Mansory’s Flying Car Concepts Set The Bar High

Crazy Tuner + Luxury Cars = More Lunacy Ahead

Mansory, the much discussed tuner of production cars, has recently revealed some predictions for what car customization may be when we adopt the idea of taking to the skies in flying vehicles. These images are as one may expect from the business – completely ostentatious with added air intakes, fins and spoilers all round. It surely would be an outlandish sight!

At the vanguard, we spot characteristics of the Ferrari Enzo, whereas the rear side, exhibiting its fin and wings, summons thoughts of a Lamborghini. Nevertheless, the comprehensive feeling undoubtedly evokes Back to the Future as well as its DeLorean. Additionally, some of the fins appear boat-related and none of them appear promising for airkeeping an automobile.

This is the virtual world, and the ordinary regulations have no bearing. In spite of that, Mansory has taken overdesigning of this idea to an extreme.

No form of traditional wheels can be seen, but aerodynamic additions hint that the car must possess the potential to travel rapidly along the surface. Near the back there is a large rear diffuser with exhaust pipes at its middle. Furthermore, on the top of the model sits a scoop resembling that of the Pagani Imola and various other intakes illustrate the car may harbour some kind of combustion power. Further in front, one can see several further vents implying improved cooling capacity.

Clearly, this depiction is completely unfounded, however, the idea of taking to the sky in cars is not entirely foreign. Hyundai is striving to produce flying cabs, while Alef, a lesser-known company, has been granted federal permission to make use of US roads and low-flying airspace.

Anything that falls into the category of personal transportation is a prime candidate for a makeover by Mansory, even boats. And if someone succeeds in bringing a flying car to the market, you can rest assured that Mansory won’t miss a beat in providing their services, outfitting these vehicles with far too much carbon, unnecessary aerofoils and flaps, and zany upholstery. In the interim, the German tuning company continues to show its prowess when dealing with conventional automobiles, adjusting the looks of whatever from the Maserati MC20 to the Land Rover Defender.

Recently constructed vehicles highlight an energized blue interior to a Mercedes SL 63, a dazzling fuchsia Rolls-Royce Dawn, and a two shaded Lamborghini Urus with verdant seating.

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