Manufaktur Gives SL Custom Options

Mercedes: Style upon Style.

Manufacturing is the way to bring personalization of a plant-built Mercedes to its highest peak of individualism, and right now the AMG labeled SL has a new Manufacturing Package available with an option of 10 special paint tones, seven distinctive internal colors, and special inner details. A brilliant example would be the Manufacturing Exclusive Nappa leather seating with it’s intricate diamond quilted motif.

The contemporary Mercedes-AMG SL is an awe-inspiring creation boasting a vintage-inspired 2+2 roadster configuration and a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivering a top power figure of 577 hp and torque of 590 lb-ft. For even greater refinement, the Manufaktur package takes its lavishness to the utmost level.

When it comes to the exterior colors, two solid hues are available: Manufaktur Vintage Blue and Manufaktur Silicon Grey. There is also a choice of two metallic finishes: Manufaktur Cote d’Azur Light Blue and Rubellite Red. Moreover, four matt finishes can be had: Manufaktur Night Black Magno, High Tech Silver Magno, Graphite Gray Magno, and, exclusively offered through Manufaktur for the SL, is Ireland Mid Green Magno.

More often than not, the Elite Bundle is for the home. With its diamond sewed cowhide seats, the material can likewise be found on the armrests, entryway boards, middle comfort, the base area of the dashboard, and the AMG Performance Manufaktur guiding wheel.

Different hues inside can be seen in Manufaktur Classic Red on a pitch-black background, Mystic Red on top of black, Rosé Grey atop black, Savannah Beige against ebony, Tobacco Brown against absolute darkness, Yacht Blue draped over black, as well as Shadow Green over the midnight shade.

The interior of the vehicle has been enhanced with deep-pile black floor mats in the back, an illuminated door sill panel pattern that is exclusive to the model, and a Manufaktur logo on the dashboard. Mercedes states that this logo, written in a cursive script, “underlines the label’s claim to a high level of quality and craftsmanship.”

No pricing has yet been fixed, however seekers of the Mercedes-AMG SL in Manufaktur form will be able to make their purchase beginning in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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