Discover Porsche’s Meticulous Selection Process for Exquisite New Paint Shades

Panamera’s Bold New Look: Madeira Gold Metallic and Lugano Blue Add Luxurious Touch.

Last year saw the release of the third edition of the iconic Porsche Panamera. In contrast to its conservative competitors, this dynamic executive sedan offers a wide range of vibrant colors, all skillfully crafted for ultimate appeal.

Porsche has recently provided a detailed glimpse into their process of selecting colors and how they choose the right hue for their official color palette. Prior to mixing shades and applying coats of paint on the body of their cars, designers thoroughly evaluate the various available tones to ensure that all color ranges are accounted for.

When conducting research for fresh ideas, the team turns to mood boards to give shape and form to their visions and potential concepts. After narrowing down their color choices, the next step is to reach out to suppliers and determine the feasibility of their choices. According to Daniela Milosevic, Color & Trim Designer at Style Porsche, this discussion is highly beneficial as it often leads to the emergence of even more brilliant ideas during the creative process.

At this point, the providers decipher the paint shades for Porsche cars, which are then assessed by staff members from different divisions such as design, sales and advertising, and manufacturing.

Selecting the perfect color for a car is not simply a matter of aesthetics. According to Porsche, the chosen colors must also be attainable from a technical standpoint and cater to the diverse preferences of different markets. As noted by Milosevic, Asian customers tend to gravitate towards bolder hues, while American buyers often favor more subtle shades.However, it’s worth noting that the market demands for colors can vary greatly. In order to satisfy the needs and desires of different customers, Porsche works diligently to ensure that their color options are both visually appealing and technically feasible. Milosevic points out that this is particularly important when it comes to meeting the preferences of Asian and American clients.It seems that when it comes to color choices, the cultural differences between these two markets are quite distinctive. While Asian customers are more daring with their color selection, opting for bold and vibrant shades, US Porsche buyers lean towards more muted and understated tones. With this in mind, Porsche takes into account the unique preferences and expectations of each market in order to offer a diverse range of colors that will truly appeal to their customers.In essence, choosing the right colors for their vehicles is a careful and deliberate process for Porsche. It involves considering not only visual appeal, but also practicality and market

When it comes to designing for Porsche, one of the top priorities is ensuring that the colors chosen perfectly complement the upholstery, whether it be fabric, Race-Tex, or leather. This task falls on the shoulders of the Style Porsche team, who are responsible for creating between 12 and 15 colors each year. In fact, Milosevic jokes that they have it easy because every color seems to look good on a Porsche.

So, what was Porsche’s final decision for the new Panamera model? The options of Montego Blue Metallic, Porsche Ice Grey Metallic, Lugano Blue, and Madeira Gold Metallic (chosen for the launch car) are among the various color choices for the new Panamera.

The arrangement of colors, including series, metallic tones, and special shades, has been revamped and divided into four distinct groups: Legends, Dreams, Shades, and Contrast. This change was implemented in the hopes of simplifying the process of choosing colors.

To maintain a sense of classic and timeless style, one can turn to contrast colors, such as the ever-popular black and white. Even certain shades of silver and grey, like the recently released Ice Grey Metallic, fall into this category. For those seeking a more eye-catching look, the Dreams category offers options like the striking Lugano Blue and luxurious Madeira Gold Metallic. For a bolder statement, the Legends category offers unconventional hues like Oak Green Metallic Neo, Slate Grey Neo, and Montego Blue Metallic.

Porsche provides an extensive collection of over 170 hues to choose from when it comes to the Porsche Panamera colors. This impressive selection goes beyond the standard options, as they also offer exclusive Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus programs for further customization.

Volker Muller, the Head of Colour & Trim at Style Porsche, stresses the importance of a new color being more than just a passing trend. According to Muller, for a color to truly make its mark, it must stand the test of time. This is why Porsche takes great care in identifying trends early on and even setting them themselves at times. As a result, the selection process for new colors at Porsche is a meticulous and thorough one.

Porsche has a strict approval process for all potential colors, even if they are technically achievable. This assessment involves the use of ‘color frogs,’ which are mini models in the shape of a 911, to test how the color looks on a three-dimensional body. Additionally, Porsche’s virtual reality specialists will scan the color and analyze it on a massive LED display during this stage.

In the end, the Porsche management team determines the suitability of a color, utilizing a screen to envision how it would appear on cars in various settings. They carefully deliberate before making a decision.

Prior to being applied on a Porsche or showcased in brochures, the Zuffenhausen-based car manufacturer undertakes a series of rigorous examinations. These involve exposing the paint to 3,200 hours of intense UV light (equivalent to almost five months), according to Porsche. This is said to be equivalent to a full year of direct sunlight in Florida, guaranteeing the enduring strength of the paint. The company also conducts evaluations for resistance against salt water, stone impacts, and fire damage.

On the other hand, what can one anticipate from a corporation that subjects its engines to stress tests that go well beyond standard limits?


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