Mazda 6 Sedan Still Surviving in Select Countries

Production for other markets will continue despite its discontinuation in Japan.

The attractive Mazda 6 has met its end in Japan, marking the first time in 20 years that Mazda will not have a midsize sedan in its collection. However, it appears that the four-door family vehicle will still be produced for some time in different nations, as according to Australian news source Drive, production will carry on in Japan for Australia and other global markets. Additionally, another factory located in Vietnam will continue to manufacture the 6 in order to satisfy demand in that region.

According to a Mazda Australia spokesperson, who preferred to remain anonymous, the news has been confirmed to the publication. “We can assure you that we will still be producing the Mazda 6 in Japan for the Australian market, as well as for some other markets. This decision also applies to our local assembly in Vietnam and there will be no changes to it.”

First introduced in 2012, it is clear that the current model of the Mazda 6 is in dire need of a successor. Despite receiving some updates in both 2015 and 2018, including a revamped appearance and the addition of turbo power, the car’s overall design language remains outdated. It is high time for this vehicle to be refreshed.

However, competitors such as Toyota and Honda have recently unveiled updated models of their best-selling sedans, putting Mazda at a disadvantage. While the new Camry hit the market at the end of last year, the latest Accord was released just a few months earlier. There had been talks about a potential upscale Mazda 6 to compete with luxury brands, but it appears this plan will not materialize.

The new model was anticipated to make its debut with an inline-six engine and a rear-wheel drive, positioning Mazda to compete against luxury brands such as Lexus and Infiniti. However, our hopes of a revamped 6 have been disappointed as Mazda announced that the sedan will be replaced by their line of crossovers including the Mazda 3 Sedan and the CX range (CX-5 and CX-50).

The future of the 2024 Mazda 6 in Australia and Vietnam is uncertain, as there are no plans for a replacement from the automaker in the near future. It is unclear if the model will continue to be available for purchase for an extended period or if it will eventually be discontinued.

Mazda is committed to producing a lineup of upcoming electric vehicles, primarily focusing on crossovers. However, it would be unexpected if the company were to introduce an electric sedan. There is a possibility that a six-cylinder Mazda 6 could still be in their plans. Considering the impressive engines created for the CX-90, it would be a missed opportunity if they were not incorporated into a more athletic option.

Despite their popularity in the past, it is clear that sedans are losing their appeal among consumers worldwide. The American version of the Passat has been discontinued, along with its European counterpart, which can now only be purchased as a station wagon. The Vauxhall/Opel Insignia has suffered the same fate, being sent to the metaphorical “automotive retirement home” along with the once-popular Ford Mondeo. It’s unexpected that the Mazda 6 has managed to stay in production for this long.

Just a friendly reminder, both the Mazda 6 sedan and compact CX-3 crossover have been discontinued in the US market as of 2021.

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