Mazda CX-5 Still Alive and Kicking

2025: New Variant Arriving

A recent report from the Australian publication Drive has put to rest fears that the Mazda CX-5 would be killed off, with another generation of the SUV on its way. This uncertainty was sparked by comments made by CX-5 program manager Mitsuru Wakiie in February, who said he was “not sure whether we are going to introduce a CX-5 or not.” Understandably, the Japanese automaker has focused on introducing the more spacious and premium CX-50 as it works to revamp its image.

Conversely, Mazda’s CX-5 has become their most prosperous model throughout the world; thus, they have determined that releasing a third version was advantageous.

“It’s been confirmed that the next-generation CX-5 is on its way,” said Mazda Australia marketing director Alastair Doak to Drive. Senior management has verified that this new model will be released soon.

Can the SUV remain resilient if it is modernized via a hybrid system, thus extending its lifespan?

“That would be telling, wouldn’t it?” remarked Doak. “But as I said before, there’s a new-generation car eventually coming. But it’s not next year; it’s further away.” It appears that the next iteration of the CX-5 won’t be arriving until at least 2025, though it remains to be seen if it will be a hybrid or not.

Despite being around for some time (the 2017 introduction of the second-generation CX-5 marks its arrival), the SUV still has an impressive appearance, showcasing the resilience and elegance that is synonymous with Mazda design. The former Toyota Prius exemplifies how viable automobiles can be disregarded simply based on their outward looks. Nevertheless, Mazda’s achievement is not only attributed to its attractive vehicles – BMW creates some very unsightly cars at present and yet registers top-level sales.

Mazda’s enduring achievements in the sales of their CX-5 can be attributed to an absence of equivalents in the market, despite others that are usually more current. We are discussing design here, and not merely aesthetics. The CX-5 has refrained from including a touch-monitor display system – much like several other Mazdas – for reasons relating to user comfort and possible risks associated with it.

Don’t give it a second thought! The powerplants are dependable and economical. Driving the vehicle frame is super enjoyable. The excellence is pinnacle. As well as the cost being bearable. With its probable hybrid in transit, there’s nothing to criticize.

Purchasers of the Mazda CX-5 have uncovered their perfect-fit SUVs and bigger models with trendier modern technology and more potency cannot prevail over them. Attepting would be akin to attempting to persuade a dedicated F-150 operator that there is presently a BMW pickup truck being deliberated.

We unite with the numerous knowledgeably shoppers who drastically rejoice at the continuous availability of the CX-5.

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