Mazda Miata: Off-Road Buggy with Ferrari 250 GTO Look

Mazda Miata: Italian Aesthetics and Japanese Engineering Transform for Off-Road.

Throughout the years, we’ve encountered a vast range of off-road Mazda Miatas — from V8 motors to Subaru engines. Nevertheless, our minds were thoroughly blown when we found this ’92 Eunos Roadster on Cars and Bids designed to replicate a Ferrari 250 GTO!

It can be challenging to recognize where to begin with this, but we’ll kick off by elucidating its term. This car is generally known as the Eunos Roadster because it was imported from Japan, where Mazda’s MX-5 Miata was sold beneath the Eunos label for central tax reasons. Owing to it being a Japanese vehicle, it’s a right-hand drive design, but regardless of that, it has gone through a full U.S. based registration process and comes with a clear Florida title, illustrating just 76,900 kilometers (47,800 miles) on the kilometer odometer.

Since its importation in 2022, the Roadster has undergone extensive modifications; however, it was not quite as stock upon arrival. Its current owner purchased it in March of this year, and it already had a Ferrari 250 GTO-inspired body kit from Monocraft. In addition to this, it had Bride bucket seats and a fastback-style hardtop.

Subsequently, it has been boosted up using a Paco Motorsports elevation set and the wheel arches had been trimmed to install 15-inch Bassett Racing rims that are shielded with 235/70 Forceum ATZ tyres, while bolt-on wider guards offer a more dominating look.

The car is in its current state without the doors, however they are included within the deal. Rather, RaceQuip safety nets keep you secure in your seat when you traverse over the desert terrain.

On the inside, this vehicle has undergone a complete overhaul with carbon-style detailing, a Nardi steering wheel, Auto Gauge features integrated into the dash unit, no radio apparatus but new pedal mechanisms.

In spite of its heavily modernized exterior and interior, one aspect of this construct has stayed stock – the motor. Its 1.6 liters generates 118 horsepower plus 101 lb-ft torque assisted by a retained 5-pace manual switch. The singular amendment to the drivetrain is the new 1.5-way limited-slip differential in the rear which helps the unit regulate grip over rough terrain.

Overall, it appears to be in good shape. The vendor mentions petty matters such as a detached lower steering wheel cover, flashes close to the driver-side headlight, tatters on the ceiling upholstery, and some decay on the discharge pipe and suspension. Nevertheless, recently, the maintenance was performed, and the fuel filter and sparks were replaced reciprocally.

With the amount of time left to submit an offer swiftly decreasing, the present bid stands at $5,800. We assume it will be doubled when the auction concludes.

The thought of a dirt-trailing Miata may appear to be irreverent, yet it’s something engineers from Mazda have a strong enthusiasm for. Earlier this year, Mazda Vehicle Development Engineer Dave Coleman stated to CarBuzz that he’d ardently wish to behold coupe, shooting brake, and off-road versions of the Miata, even informing us how he was producing his individual off-road MX-5 on the previous generation NC frame.

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