Mazda RX-7: 9-Second Beast Powered By Honda & BMW

A Blend of Japanese andGerman Engineering

The famed Mazda RX-7 is distinguished for its iconic rotary motor, yet who would believe that fitting it with Honda force could upgrade it even further? That is what Gavin Bey thought and he has a film to back it up.

Bey undertook an arduous journey from Perth in Scotland to Santa Pod Raceway in the UK, traveling to showcase his RX-7 at Flame & Thunder Exhibition. This Mazda sports car garners appreciation from onlookers due to its incredible specifications beneath its bonnet.

Gavin opted away from maintaining and developing the rotary engine, going for an entirely independent Honda K24 engine as a substitute. This influential member of the Pulsar Turbo crew used exacting standards while constructing and reconfiguring it. It’s not just the powerplant that makes this motor vehicle remarkable; it’s the extraordinary Pulsar turbo set-up.

Gavin has devised a design that utilizes two turbos cleverly set up in a compound arrangement. His tactic necessitates the use of a small turbo to awaken the bigger one, an inevitable consequence due to the torque converter integrated in the transmission. This system also includes a trans brake that requires a considerable amount of force for functioning properly.


The immense capability of the former larger sibling to the MX-5 Miata, the Mazda RX-7, is completely remarkable with its aptitude to generate up to 1,000 horsepower. But on that festival day, it was estimated to have 700 to 750 horse strength. Nevertheless, this discrepancy did not prevent Gavin from reaching his pinnacle and outperforming his prior personal record of 9.4 seconds on an track which had not been set-up.

Gavin displayed his steadfastness on the racetrack with two 9.0-second races, coming quite near to reaching his ambition of a scorching 8.99-second sprint. Although the speed dropped off a little shy from anticipations, Gavin reasoned that this was caused by hiccup in coolant pressure and electric power cuts at the higher end of the runs.

It is unquestionably achievable to cover a distance in 8 seconds, and Gavin is envisioned to come back next year with the aim of obtaining this ambitious goal.

The voyage to construct this astounding achievement was strenuous. Gavin initially encountered difficulties linked to the Honda engine, problems such as busted manifolds – besides other dilemmas. Gavin even considered transitioning to a VR6 setup, deliberating over the viable solutions for adapting the gearbox.

The truly amazing aspect of this Mazda RX-7 is the four-wheel-drive arrangement it utilizes. The K24 motor seamlessly delivers energy through a BMW X5 M transmission and front diff, accompanying a rear diff from a 7 Series car.

Gavin’s resourcefulness of perfectly calibrating the twin turbo is due to his utilization of a Maxx ECU. With its capability of controlling the boost pressure of every turbocharger and oversees the whole power unit, it provides the perfect output result. In contrast to the K24 swap which is popularly used on Honda Fits, this AWD RX-7 build is unconventionally remarkable!

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