Italian Car Overcomes Poor Reputation – Mechanic Approval

Why the Fiat 500 Abarth Beats Its Sporty Cousin.

At the grand age of seventy, Scotty Kilmer, the celebrated host of a well-known YouTube program, is enjoying his special day! As an unconventional birthday present to himself, he procured the car which many deem as the ‘most despised’ – the Fiat 500.

Scotty explains that while the standard Fiat 500s can be a mechanic’s worst enemy due to problems with their automatic transmissions, his car is the Abarth edition – which is a completely different thing altogether. Created by the Italian racing company Abarth and equipped with a turbocharged engine similar to the one found in the little Lotus, the Abarth can undoubtedly deliver fair levels of acceleration.

I Just Got a Car for My Birthday and You Won’t Believe This

Despite the improved construction of the Abarth relative to the regular Fiat 500, Scotty maintains qualms towards the plastic facade and rubber timing belt of the engine. He elucidates that unavoidable replacements are required regularly for the rubber timing belt, however, it is a much more admirable option compared to inferior timing chains that have been known to lead to total engine collapse.

Despite the fact the Abarth will be ceased as a gasoline vehicle and shifted to an electric variant in the forthcoming times, Scotty admits that it still offers a remarkable driving experience with its manual transmission, bigger brakes, and slimmer design.

The Abarth serves to make an exceptionally loud anniversary present, which Scotty reassures spectators is typical for these types of vehicles and their turbocharged power plants. Scotty attaches the automobile to his computer system to examine its whole state and finds that everything looks good, including the turbocharger, the knock sensors, and the adjustable valve system. He indicates that there are some difficulty codes on the car but they are effortlessly fixable.

Even though it may not be a speedster, Scotty thinks that the Abarth still offers an enjoyable ride for its reasonable cost. He also mentions that come 2023, the production of fuel versions of this model will cease and get replaced with all-electric motor options. His opinion is that making an electric adaptation of the Abarth wouldn’t provide much value as its brand recognition comes from its powerful engine. Moreover, whereas the automated gearbox in the typical 500 might not last, he states that the regular manual transmission of the Abarth is dependable.

He holds that an electric engine flies in the face of what an Abarth is all about – a vocal, fast-paced, and supernatural machine to be behind the wheel of. Although it may not reach velocities like those of a stock car, he remarks that it definitely outdoes the Fiat 500 in terms of execution and finesse. The affordability element of this vehicle is also appreciated by Scotty: one can get a cost-effective Abarth with hardly any mileage clocked for a third of its original price tag.

Orig: Sources: Fiat, Abarth, YouTube / Scotty Kilmer Fiat and Abarth vehicles are probably best known to many, as they are seen all over the world. However, what might surprise you is that YouTube’s popular car repair channel, by Scotty Kilmer, often presents reviews of these marques. Fiat and Abarth autos are likely widely identified by numerous individuals, in view of the fact that these cars abound nearly everywhere. Notwithstanding, what could astound you is that YouTube’s known car repair vlog, captained by Scotty Kilmer, frequently posts assessments of these celebrated brands.

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