Mercedes C-Class EV Spotted in Public

Electric Sedans VS Their Bigger Siblings

Mercedes has pledged to go fully electric by 2030 “where market conditions allow,” and in order to reach this goal, the company is currently developing more cost-effective EVs to fit below the EQE and EQS (as well as their SUV counterparts). The Concept CLA-Class is set to become a fully electric sedan in 2024, and it will be followed by the electric C-Class in 2025.

For the first time, Mercedes’ much-anticipated response to BMW’s i4 was spied engaging in testing, adorned in full camouflage clothing in an attempt to conceal its purported production body. Nevertheless, it is almost certain that the headlights and taillights are not final editions. Also, our deduction is that the door handles which protrude from the frame are simply not genuine. Reasonami tells us that their C-Class EV will feature handles that are flush with the bodywork, in order to maximize aerodynamic capabilities for more extended ranges.

Interestingly, the C-Class EV doesn’t seem to be much bigger than the electric CLA prototypes that have been seen undergoing testing recently. These two models are projected to use distinct structures. The former will operate on a tailor-made electric car platform (recognized as MB.EA) whereas the latter is expected to make use of a framework that also allows combustion engines (identified as MMA).

Although the newly launched electric C-Class Sedan remains veiled in camouflage, it is evident that it will look substantially different from the already unveiled EQE and EQS. Its outline seems sharper and may feature the same aerodynamic attributes seen on the Vision EQXX notion automobile. It will be intriguing to discover if the car has a conventional trunk lid or a more practical rear hatchback like on the BMW i4.

Come the 2025 arrival of the C-Class EV, it’ll have to contend with an additional luxurious electric saloon from Bavaria. Built on the Neue Klasse platform, the BMW i3 Saloon (as yet unnamed) and successor iX3 will compete against the impending EQC crossover.

It appears that Mercedes is set to make some changes to their current nomenclature, with plans to retire the “EQ” branding from 2024. This means that the electric sedan currently referred to as the EQC may be renamed, as well as its high-riding equivalent. However, the first EV to get a fresh name is expected to be the electric G-Class. Using the current nomenclature, it would make sense for this electric sedan to go by the name of EQC while its high-riding equivalent would be renamed EQC SUV.

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