Mercedes CLE-Class Convertible Previewed in Spy Video

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Mercedes Erlkönig CLE Cabriolet A236 convertible * 4K SPY VIDEO

Mercedes-Benz remains in the process of assessing the upcoming CLE-Class. It appears to be adjusting its selection by introducing a fresh coupe and cabriolet to take the places of the C- and E-Class equivalents. This model is not an unfamiliar sight, as our photographers have acquired pics of both vehicle types that are in different forms during their trials. A new video demonstrates Mercedes is still furthering the progression of the convertible version of this car.

The latest footage sees the convertible hide its physical attributes beneath an extensive wrapping. While elements of it resemble those on the fresh SL, most notably the front headlights and grid, its overall feel is not as sharp and has a more specialised rear-side design.

It is instantly recognizable that this vehicle isn’t one of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG models. A noticeable indicator of that is the presence of a single slat across its grille; a traditional characteristic of the firm’s Panamericana cars. Additionally, it doesn’t have the hallmark quad-exhaust setup found in their greater performance variants.

The CLE-Class is set to enter the market with multiple powertrain options, and will also have a specialized AMG tuning. Spy photographers have managed to capture shots of higher performance adaptations for the coupe recently. The AMG 63 configuration should come equipped with a similar platform as the new C63 – boasting a turbocharged two-litre four-cylinder motor plus an electric motor able to generate a combined 671hp and 752 lb.-ft. of torque.

It appears that, regardless of the output, the upcoming CLE will possess some kind of electrification. Previous paparazzi pictures have exposed possible hybrid versions. It is thought that the brand-new CLE employs the MRA-2 platform (which stands behind the C-Class), implying that they could share powertrain configurations.

The mystery of when Mercedes will introduce the next model, to take over for the C- and E-Class two-doors coupe and convertible varieties, lingers. It is anticipated the event could occur prior to the closing of 2021; however, it is not certain if these versions will be fully unveiled together. Additionally, the launch of their AMG performance iterations may possibly not arrive until 2024. Yet, purchases of the CLE models can be expected to begin in 2022.

Source: walkoARTvideos / YouTube

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