Mercedes GLS: Refresh Coming in April

Debut of Refreshed 7-Seater: First Look

Mercedes-Benz has commenced taunting for the renewed GLS Class. The luxurious German label shared a shadowy snapshot of the 7-seater SUV on its Twitter, granting us the first official glance, though still hidden under a obscuring fog.

As anticipated, the majestic Mercedes GLS is planned to display a restructured appearance, renewed software and modified fittings. Even though the former silhouette remains relatively unaltered, albeit with familiar lamps that feature on preceding editions of the automobile, glimpsed from the cover of mystery depicted in the dark photograph. Only these particulars have been announced by the manufacturer; all included in each and every GLS selection available for purchase.

The Mercedes GLS, being the top of the line SUV, is now in its third iteration and first came out in 2020. Instead of a mid-cycle makeover typically having happened by the fourth year of its production, the German motor vehicle company seems to be waiting it out. Nevertheless, a spy shot of a prototype has already been unleashed, giving us an insight into what the new model may very well appear as.

Viewed in the snoop pics, the outer appearance of the SUV does not appear to have undergone any major alterations. The front bumper looks to be equipped with thicker pillars in the bottom section, though its general design seems to have remained unaltered.

In current recent times, the grippier AMG 63 variant has been observed with a covered over posterior containing frost and snow, making it tough to understand any reapportioning. Nonetheless, sensations signify that there may be a LED band behind the camouflage sheet that bridges between the tailights.

Notably, much alteration is anticipated in the interior of the cabin, but specific oil details have yet to be revealed. It is not estimated that there would be any monumental transformations in that area, however.

The newly engineered GLS range is slated to launch soon. As seen in the preview above, Mercedes have noted that the full reveal will be occurring on April 4, 2023. As far as the AMG incarnation, it could potentially take a few extra months to be released and possibly enter the market as a 2024 model.

Source: Mercedes-Benz (Twitter)

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