Now 2007 Mercedes-Benz R 63 AMG: 503HP Minivan for Sale

Brief Run: 6.2L V8 in AMG Models

At this stage, the motor vehicle realm is extremely acquainted with the large-power terminology of Mercedes-Benz. Merely consider the figure 63, add a letter (or letters) before it, and you have something extraordinary. But, during 2007 only, that inclusive the R 63. Hold on now, what exactly?

The Mercedes-Benz R-Class had a sadly brief tenure, debuting as an MPV in 2005 and advertised as anything but a minivan for twelve years. Its curved shape and capacity for seating up to seven people unknowingly put it in the same category, although distinctive rear doors (as opposed to sliding models) allowed it to stand apart from cars such as the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Whether you call it an example of a crossover or simply a technicality, unsatisfactory sales were what derailed the vehicle, with its removal from North American markets in 2012 preceding its worldwide extinction five years later.

In a brief moment in time, Mercedes dreamed up an all-new AMG form of their R-Class, releasing 200 snazzy vehicles across the globe in 2007. The example here is being offered at auction in California, having been driven a total of 144K miles thus far! With its special OEM cargo box and roof rack attached, not to mention its custom wheels that mimic the exterior’s paint job, this spectacular ride also includes the traditional five-spoke AMG set of wheels as a bonus – but if that isn’t enough of a visual splurge for you, be sure to throw a peek at the quad exhaust pipes out back!

This listing proclaims recent routine service and a dab of paint to address some blemishes, but the nameplate and a CarFax report are noted as indicated by being unscathed. Its factory air suspension is able to elevate and diminish the minivan MPV; bolt-on decrease ties are connected presently however the traditional ties accompany the acquisition. The sale does not specify anything in relation to this R 63 having the optional AMG Driver’s Package, which is necessary to release the fullest potential of 171 mph. Without it, this three-row family vehicle’s peak speed is confined to just 155 mph, though its 0 – 60 ought to still be about 4.5 seconds.

The bidding is currently standing at $16,000 with seven days still remaining before the conclusion. As it is one of the rarest AMG examples ever created (and most certainly not a minivan), we are eager to know: how much do you foresee this vehicle selling for? Please join in on the discussion by commenting and expressing your opinion.

Source: The MB Market

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