Mercedes S-Class: 880 HP Carbon-Fiber Beast

Mansory Transforms AMG S 63 E into Luxury Sport Limo

Mansory, recognized for its bizarre creations, has gone a more subtle route for its treatment of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance. Featuring the usual body upgrades to conform to Mansory’s style, in addition to interior improvements and improved engine performance, this impressive vehicle gains an additional visage of refinement.

The Mansory S 63 E Performance boasts a full-carbon bonnet with supplemental cooling outlets, whereas the complete frontal section is modified featuring a newly added air dam, combining front lip and side wings – all fashioned from carbon fiber material. Furthermore, the grille has been remodeled, further supplemented with bright LED lighting elements.

Rather than seeking widespread publicity as Mansory often does, this build has a quieter approach with regards to the colors chosen; making it much more bearable compared to their customarily outlandish designs.

Mansory depends upon lightweight composite materials for the sides, illustrated in the aerodynamic skirts that lend a sporty look to this traditionally luxurious sedan; the mirror caps and air intake trims are made of carbon fiber. The FD.15 wheels likely won’t be popular with everyone, standing at 22 inches with a front width more reduced than the back.

Meanwhile, the complete rear-end has been crafted from carbon fiber, including two spoilers placed at different spots. Additionally, a brand-new apron has been installed boasting a diffuser and four tailpipes, of which you can pick one with or without a center brake lamp.

The cabin is tailored to the customer’s specific desires (including colors), with Mansory providing an array of choices comprising luxurious leather, carbon fiber components, and aluminum foot pedals.

Unveiled just before the conclusion of 2019, the AMG S 63 E Performance emerged as the most powerful S-Class ever constructed. Mansory has increased that even further by augmenting its output to a reasonable 868 horsepower with 1,099 lb-ft of torque – surpassing the 791 hp/1,055 lb-ft stock capacity. According to the German customizers, it can reach a highest velocity of 199 mph, rocketing itself from 0-62 mph in only 2.8 seconds.

Mansory hasn’t revealed what the cost is for its AMG S 63 E Performance package, but don’t anticipate it to be cheap. Taking into account that the baseline vehicle has an impressive price tag over $200,000, we can anticipate the Mansory-prepped model get close to the level of $300,000.

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