Mercedes-AMG vs Porsche Taycan

1,000 hp: Styling Matters Too

Spies from CarBuzz have obtained images of what are expected to presage the coming of an all-electric Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-Door substitution. According to rumor, this automobile is vastly dissimilar to whatever we’ve grown accustomed to from Affalterbach’s electric cars. On display here are two vehicles enveloped by the AMG EQE exterior shell; however, our scouts claim that this is part of a distinct venture denominated as C295 under the hood.

Rumors abound that a brand-new EV crafted by AMG – with thenext-gen EA platform as its foundation – will be unveiled in 2026. This new iteration of an EV from AMG is speculated to provide increased enjoyment while driving, outstripping current offerings. Word has it that the top-tier model may even reach a powerful 1,000 horses!

The trail of this experimental auto is broader than the normal EQE, which can be seen through the bruising on the mudguard, however, don’t create any presumptions based on the aesthetic of these models; our secret informants point out that the production edition will gain influence from the Mercedes-Vision AMG Concept released a year ago. This blueprint featured four tail lights which were fashioned like exhaust pipes, and our sources maintain that the manufactured car will eventually include this unorthodox design feature.

BMW has already proven that daring design does not have to lead to lower sales, and taking into account the lukewarm reception existing electric vehicles (EVs) have been given at Mercedes-Benz dealerships, attempting a totally new styling approach can’t do any harm. Both customers and vendors have voiced their opinion that Merc’s EVs are “not something most people aspire to own”, however, with the introduction of a bold new look and the potential to give the Porsche Taycan a run for its money, this opinion could soon be reversed.

Targeting the Taycan may be a great choice, but Mercedes won’t have the sole challenge in the high-performance EV industry. BMW has already pondered on how to construct an electric M3 that could match up with their previous motors of burning fuel; this would be done with higher than 1,300 horsepower. Audi furthermore will not stay silent, given access to Volkswagen Group’s new Scalable System Platform – one that can generate up to 1,700 hp – meaning their upcoming RS labelled EVs are poised to be no trifle.

All are touting that their forthcoming electric cars will have striking esthetics and powerful performances, yet which German vehicle producer will make these electric powerhouses the most exciting to pilot? We are anxious to discover.

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