Michael Fux Buys Two US Spectre Rolls-Royces

Collector Gets Their First Spectre EV in Miami

Michael Fux, being one of the most passionate car enthusiasts in the United States, tersely owns over a hundred cars, out of which at least fifteen are Rolls-Royces. And he has now decided to upgrade his vehicular collection with the newly available Spectre – the first ever in the country as well as being the third electric car in his possession.

“So now I have three electric cars,” Fux declares at the delivery event in Miami. “I’ve got this one, the Hummer, and I also have a Tesla Plaid.” He was supposed to be the first person in the US to own a Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne – a luxurious EV from Italy – but unfortunately it never made it to him.

When it comes to Rolls-Royce, Fux is the proud owner of several customized models ranging from the vibrant orange Cullinan to a bluey Candy Dawn and the verdant Jade Pearl Wraith. His signature shades meanwhile, involve no less than twelve personal touches — adding vibrancy with his most favored hues dubbed ‘Fuxia’. However, this Spectre is surprisingly more contained with its Bonnet in Tempest Grey, standard seven-spoke wheels at 23-inches and white leather interior spruced up by yellow piping.

But don’t worry, this won’t be the only Spectre that Fux will own. Since he was determined to be the first in the US to have one, this vehicle is merely a placeholder until the factory is able to complete his custom-made version, which should be ready by the end of 2024. He tells me that he’s been working closely with Rolls Royce to perfect the details – “It’s going to be outrageous,” he chuckles.

Even though the Spectre is only his third electric vehicle (EV), it is Fux’s most pricey one by a huge margin. Starting price of the battery-powered Rolls-Royce is an astounding $422,750 and with options included, costs can only go up (it wouldn’t be hard to figure out what his custom vehicle might cost). Compared to it, the Hummer EV Edition 1 retails at merely $112,000 and Model S Plaid at about $91,380 before incentives.

Torsten Muller-Otvos, the now-departing manager, corroborated to InsideEVs in a discussion last year that the desire for the Spectre was at least 15 months behind. Consequently, individuals keen on having one will be obliged to wait until at least 2025. Fortunately, he’s privileged to be the forerunner.

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