Mini Cooper Exterior Unveiled: 2024 Model Previewed

Interior and Mech. Details Revealed Soon

On the 3rd of April, a 2024 Mini Cooper was caught in plain sight, straying away from any concealment and thus showcasing its latest look. It seemed to be engaged in a photographic session in the City of Angels, with camera-filled cars spotted near it. All in all, we were given an unofficial go-ahead after being presented with a great many pics of the auto from every angle imaginable.

It’s finally official – Mini has released a few images of their upcoming 2024 Cooper model, which they claim “show it a bit more favorably than what the spy shots depict.” While we only have a handful of exterior shots, no further information has been provided – we’ll have to wait for the official details to be announced at a later date. But for now, here’s the new 2024 Mini Cooper all spruced up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

For contrast, consider our April 3 article and view the first spy images which generated this premature outer unveiling.

Drawing from former spy shots, we can tell the forthcoming Mini Cooper will not deviate significantly from its customary form. But now, there is no need to conjecture about what is hidden under the cover, for most recently, images obtained during a photoshoot display all. And truly, when we say everything, we are adamant.

Our spy photographer in Los Angeles achieved a nice feat: they spotted several snaps of this blue Mini Cooper electric (EV) vehicle, which is most likely an SE variant. One image that was captured presents a black Porsche Cayenne equipped with a camera fleet in the back, and another portrays the little Cooper cruising on the streets after the only-black SUV. Astonishingly, not even a single badge mark was hidden – so all that remains is for Mini to announce its appearance.

While the Mini’s archetype is still unmistakable, remarkable modifications can be found in its latest iteration. Two horizontal components inhabit its much more substantial oval headlights. The entire frontage has a soft profile, devoid of any corner vents but featuring a grille accentuated by sharper edges. There exist no wheel trims yet there appear to be some white circles close to the wheel arches – potentially part of filming equipment?

Finally, a clear view of the revamped taillights is revealed on the backside. A drastic decrease in size is seen as shapes switch from rectangle to triangle with the Union Jack logo still appearing when brakes and illumination are on. Additionally, a broad black trim can be observed combining the dual lights together at the rear hatchback and below this, a new rear facade features vertical reflectors along the sides in a scallop shell design. Since this is an electric variant, no exhaust vents can be found.

It is noteworthy that the new-generation electric and internal combustion Minis will exist in tandem, complete with various distinctive design features. In addition, fender badges should be visible on models using combustion energy; of course, intakes will likewise be incorporated into the grille. As an added benefit, combustion powertrains are equipped with a 48-volt mild hybrid system for enhanced fuel efficiency.

Reports suggest that purchasers of the Mini seen here will have two different electric vehicle (EV) options available to them, with dissimilar battery packs. The 40-kWh pack appears to be the least expensive option, whereas the SE edition will come equipped with a 54-Kwh pack, this should offer an impressive WLTP tested range of approximately 240 miles. Furthermore, buyers are able to choose from either 181 or 215 horsepower.

It is astonishing to observe this certain design completely revealed in public. Usually such observations suggest an unveiling is forthcoming, though we do not anticipate an official introduction until later in the year. After that, it could be ready for sale during summer 2024. Depending on when it is announced, it will either be a 2024 or 2025 model-year vehicle.

Source: Automedia

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