Mini Cooper Hatchback: 5 Doors, Gas Engine

Ready to Reveal Final Design

Last September, Mini introduced the brand new Cooper 3-Door hatchback, which operated solely under electric power. Nevertheless, the recent spy shots act as a reminder that plans are still in place to introduce a 5-Door edition of the car running on more traditional petrol or diesel fuel types. This will be the final edition of the hatchback to offer combustion engines, given that the BMW owned company has promised to make its entire range powered by electricity only by the end of this decade.

Prototypes have started to discard their camouflage, with this audacious green exam vehicle looking primed to reveal its production-ready bequest. As we already possess a 3-Door model viewable, there’s not abundant secrecy surrounding the aesthetics as it will supply an extra two doors which will also make adjustments to the glazed structure. Judging by the lack of a perceivable exhaust tip, we can posit that this is likely a base vehicle and not the scintillating Cooper S, not to mention the sensational John Cooper Works top tier option.

The outside of the Mini may look largely familiar, but a great deal of modifications to the interior have been done. The electric hatchback and the large Countryman possess straightforward dashboards that have no instrument cluster. These new spy shots indicate that there is no main driver display, with merely a head-up display visible. To the immediate right of this set up is a 9.4 inch OLED circular display from which the driver will be able to access most of the car’s features.

Mentionable is that Mini will be offering both the 3-Door and 5-Door hatchbacks with combustion engine, however only the three-door version comes with a completely electric setup. With its parent company BMW having formed a venture, this time with Great Wall Motor located in China, nameplate Spotlight Automotive which has been confirmed to be the sole producer for the EV hatch till 2026 when Mini’s Oxford factory will commence making it as well.

Slotted between the 5-Door hatchback and the all-new Countryman, there will be the Aceman, a subcompact crossover set to go on sale in the upcoming year. It will only be offered as an electric vehicle, and is made alongside the zero-emission hatch in China. This model is due to start assembly in Oxford from 2026.

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