Mini Subaru Rally Car–Sounds of a Flat-Four Air-Cooled Engine

Revving Past 10,000 RPM
Miniature Flat FOUR Nitro Engine - Assembling & Testing!

The boxer engine’s design stands out amongst internal combustion engines for its uniqueness and single tell-tale sound. In contrast to the ordinary inline or V-shaped motors, this flat-four has pistons that move side-to-side in contrary directions, generating an effortlessly balanced force. Its arrangement is renowned for providing a serene feel, keeping the center of gravity low, and producing the recognized purr associated with Subaru.

The remarkable design of the flat-four engine is what really draws many auto buffs. And to honor the feat of engineering, none can match the vlogging efforts of JohnyQ90. Recently highlighted on their channel was a fascinating video showcasing an insignificantly sized working flat-four motor. It simply astounds us to view such committed craftsmanship and detail poured into the miniaturized construction. But what precisely makes miniature engines like this one so extraordinary – and why is this miniature flat-four in particular so noteworthy?

The splendor of a small-scale engine lies in its intricate creation and the application of diligence required to enable it to work properly. Much like broad engines, these miniatures demand that they observe identical engineering concepts, rendering them an accurate demonstration of an engineer’s ability. They require high-precision milling, judicious assembly, as well as a sharp awareness of the mechanics implicated, often expecting an unwaivering ardor for excellence.

The amazing work of JohnyQ90 is truly remarkable. His miniature flat-four combustion engine exudes intricate detail that evokes an admiration of awe. Following along as he takes us through the laborious procedure of putting together every single component, you can’t help but be empathetic to the effort that was exerted into building such precise mechanisms. Every piston, rod, and camshaft is a masterpiece on its own.

The absolute most stunning feature of the baby flat-four motor is that it not simply appears like a genuine Subaru, yet in addition emits a comparable sound when activated. Of course, it didn’t work perfectly from the get-go; after some minor changes, though, it fired right up. Calculating in at 10,500 revs per minute (RPM) and under full load, this mini engine delivers an impressive 120 watts of power or as much as 0.16-horsepower—sufficient to light a H7 light bulb.

Source: JohnyQ90 on YouTube

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