Miracle Mercedes Benz Diesel: Still Going Strong

Revive a 200D After Eight Years of Rest
Starting Mercedes-Benz w124 200D After 8 Years + Test Drive

Parking a car and leaving it unprotected against the environment over an extended time frame may result in considerable complications. Rust is one of the numerous possibilities, together with diminishing gaskets and seepage of liquids. Nonetheless, not all autos left deserted in an open area are foreordained to end up at the junkyard, as illustrated by a recent video portraying a Mercedes 200D W124 that could be energized and driven again even after being dormant for eight years.

The diesel sedan has seen better days, yet it’s far from a lost cause despite clocking 178,830 miles (287,800 kilometres) in its lifetime. While the engine compartment is quite messy, there’s not much damage – in spite of the nonexistent battery and some loose hoses. The motor still holds oil which is oddly grimy yet also the air filter looks decently tidy.

A dash of fresh fuel, some new coolant and a crisp battery are all that’s needed to get this formerly stranded Mercedes rolling again. Upon being returned to life, it revived as if desiring to be driven once more despite having been slowly consumed by the earth. Motor1.com contacted its saviour in order to discover more regarding the miraculous revitalisation of this vehicle.

The cabin is in a disheveled state, with most of the buttons unresponsive and soiled. Whilst the seating isn’t torn apart, the gearshift is quite hard to move and the windscreen wipers do the job provided you give enough effort. The inside appears to be well-maintained despite its corroded external condition.

The powerful pressure washing has managed to remove a considerable amount of dirt, yet not all the blemishes that had previously formed part of the paint. Although the white exterior is now generally clean, some areas still appear noticeably filth-encrusted, in particular the truck lid, rear fascia and hood. Furthermore, some fittings are seemingly becoming dislodged.

A congested fuel filter may result in the stalling of a car, however it behaves admirably after it is cleaned. Large clouds of smoke are expelled when the vehicle is accelerated, however probably a fresh batch of oil and extra attention are required to make it work impeccably. The alternator has yet to fill its charge, the horn does not honor its responsibility, and the car still keeps on running despite having its key removed, consequently implying that more actions must be taken.

Source: Flexiny / YouTube

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