Needing New License Plate After Wild Mustang Chase

18-Year-Old Arrested After Mishap in California
Driver arrested after high-speed crash on Hwy 101 in Santa Rosa

Gladly, we can report that not much more than a few minor injuries were sustained during this accident involving a Ford Mustang and a Land Rover Discovery, in point of fact quite ironic. Let us hope then, beloved audience, that the 18-year-old driver responsible for this comicalness will be suitably rewarded with justice! Of course, it goes without saying that one is considered innocent till proven otherwise. Yet, getting your silliness recorded on video does not look favourably upon your acquittal chances.

According to reports from KRON 4, officers were pursuing the Mustang when the vehicle veered off the freeway and crashed into a vacant apartment building near Santa Rosa. CHP states that Burton was critically injured in the crash.In relation to KRON 4 News in San Francisco and the California Highway Patrol (CHP), police made an effort to halt a Ford Mustang that was unlawfully speeding through the city of Rohnert Park, situated about 50 miles north of San Francisco, as seen in the photograph. Even though there was a license plate reading ‘Will Run’ on the back of the auto, the motorist stepped on the gas and ran away. The CHP put up a Facebook post expressing the driver, Marcus Burton, aged 18, had been going at over 100 mph on Highway 101. Inevitably, a collision ensued.As per posts from KRON 4, police officers followed the Mustang when it flew off the highway and eventually smashed into an unoccupied apartment complex located near Santa Rosa. According to CHP, Burton sustained severe injuries in the accident.

KRON 4 captured the moment of accident, and it seemed as if things could have been much more terrible for all included. The Mustang was rushing down the side of the road before clashing into the three-person family in a Land Rover. As a precautionary measure, everyone has been delivered to the doctor’s to be examined while Burton was checked out for minor damages ahead of going straight to prison for a multitude of felonies. The 17-year-old person travelling in the Mustang- supposed to be the one seen making their way out of the wreck in the clip- was offered over to his parents because he is legally underage.

Regarding the Mustang lying in the wreckage, it is challenging to pinpoint its precise trim level. What appears to be a GT350 spoiler on the rear seems highly unlikely since there is only one exhaust pipe visible on the right side. The images presented by the California Highway Patrol focus on the passenger side of the car which has been wrecked to a point where determinig the trim is practically unfeasible. Nevertheless speculation leads us to think that this is most likely an EcoBoost version with certain modificaions to the body.

Though the registration on the vehicle reads ‘Will Run’, it is actually merely a facade for what lies underneath. There have allegedly been several occasions within the last month when this auto has eluded police, yet it appears clear that its days of escape are now at an end.

Source: KRON 4 News

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