New BMW M5 – V8 Powered XM.

BMW M CEO Confirms Suspicion

Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW’s M division, has affirmed that the succeeding M5 – with a release date scheduled for 2024 – will be engineered with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) drivetrain alongside an influential V8 engine. Van Meel further elaborated on this particular setup, revealing it is derived from the same motor employed in the XM series, and will additionally be installed in the upcoming M5 Touring.

An insider at BMW had remarked on the matter of power choice for the M5 previously, however this is the first-time that the head of BMW M has openly articulated anything definitive with regards to the future engine in the Bimmer. Van Meel’s affirmation, given within an interview to the web page CarExpert, dismisses suppositions that the forthcoming M5 models will possess downsized motors.

“When asked if the XM’s hybrid powertrain will be found in other M cars, van Meel told CarExpert, ‘We never do drive changes for just one car.'”

“For us, it was the introduction of a groundbreaking drivetrain concept for M vehicles,” he continued. “This is something that we anticipate will be seen in other cars as well. It’s no secret that you can expect to find this same technology in the all-new M5 next year.”

The XM provides an incredibly powerful 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged PHEV V8 engine producing 644 horses and Torque of 590 lb-ft. The most intense model is the XM Badge providing a maximum of 738 hp as well as Mammoth torque of 738 lb-ft. It’s not incredulous to suggest that the M5 will potentially acquire this specific configuration.

Choosing to maintain the V8 deviates from Mercedes-AMG’s inclination of equipping more powerful electronic machinery alongside smaller internal combustion components. To illustrate, an unrivalled example is found in the coming Mercedes-AMG CLE 63, whose outdated V8 has been supplanted by a hybrid inline-4 engine.

“We don’t share this view,” van Meel stated regarding downsizing. “We are committed to having a robust engine foundation. Therefore, we don’t think that switching to smaller combustion engines in combination with larger batteries is the right approach for us.”

For that matter, BMW M is devoted to avoiding the downsizing of its powertrains. “Hence, we strive to keep those (inline-6 and V8 engines) as much as possible, incorporating the hybrid drivetrains, and then switch to electric power, it’s quite straightforward,” stated van Meel.

The now-discontinued M5 formerly catalogued on BMW USA has seemingly reached the end of it’s shelf-life; accordingly, we can expect to see the all-new G90 M5 debut in the US for 2024. Fortunately, there is recompense in the way of an M5 Touring being confirmed for introduction in the same region.

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