Unveiling the Impossible: The Rear Glass of the New BMW 5 Series Touring Remains Unreachable

BMW explains the elimination of a beloved Touring feature.

I consider myself lucky to reside in Europe, the final sanctuary for wagons. The concept of a elongated roof continues to be well-liked in this part of the world, resulting in numerous options at my disposal. BMW has crunched the numbers and come to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to introduce yet another 5 Series Touring model. However, the G61 variant falls short of its potential as it lacks a useful feature.

From the time of its debut with the E34 Touring model, which even included the highly sought-after M5 variant shown in the image below, the 5 Series wagon has provided a convenient function – the ability for owners to open the rear window separately from the tailgate. This feature has been especially handy for times when you need to quickly place smaller items into the cargo space without having to open the entire tailgate. However, this once-useful attribute has unfortunately been removed from the newest 5er estate, much to the disappointment of fans.

The E34, E39, E61, F11, and G31 all featured it, however, the legacy concludes with the G61. Why? According to Alexander Schmuck, Product & Technology Communications Manager for BMW North America, here’s the explanation:

According to BMW’s official statement, the reason for not including extra hardware is to preserve the cargo space. While this reasoning is understandable, it is also possible that some individuals would have been open to sacrificing some of the area for added functionality. Nevertheless, the latest 5 Series Touring boasts a spacious storage compartment with a capacity of 570 liters (equivalent to 20.1 cubic feet) or 1,700 l (or 60 cubic feet) when the rear seats are folded.

In today’s market, practicality can often be sacrificed in some car models due to their chosen power source. However, this is not the case with the newest wagon model from Bavaria. Whether powered by gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, or electric sources, all versions offer a spacious and identical luggage compartment. This well-designed space boasts the same length, width, and height regardless of the powertrain chosen.

Undoubtedly, there may be speculation as to whether the discontinuation of this feature is due to cost-saving measures. This is a reasonable assumption, as it has not been well-received by consumers, so why invest in its continuation? In fact, the most recent 3 Series Touring almost lacked this feature entirely. According to Product Manager Stefan Horn’s interview with Autocar in 2019 upon the release of the G21 model, BMW engineers had to persuade those in charge at their Munich headquarters to keep the separate glass opening.

Jump ahead to the year 2024, and it’s a thing of the past. However, this only applies to the 5 Series Touring model. The smaller wagons, including the M3 Touring, still retain this impressive feature at the rear. It was also present in previous generations such as the E46, E91, and F31 models.

It’s highly improbable that removing the tiny button near the bottom of the rear windshield wiper will deter potential buyers of the 5 Series Touring. The release of a new M5 wagon (G99) has sparked excitement among car enthusiasts, with speculation of its potential arrival in the United States. The newest addition to the 5er wagon family is certainly an attractive choice for those seeking an electric vehicle, as it now includes the option of the i5 model, which also offers a sleek and powerful i5 M60 edition.

Images: BMW, nakhon100In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for luxury cars is steadily increasing. Among these high-end vehicles, BMW has established itself as a prominent brand known for its cutting-edge technology and superior design. With their sleek appearance and top-notch performance, it is no wonder that BMWs are seen as a status symbol by many.One striking feature of BMW cars is their distinctive kidney grille, which has become an iconic trademark for the brand. This signature design not only sets them apart from other vehicles on the road but also adds to their overall aesthetic appeal. In addition, BMW continuously incorporates advanced technology into their cars, making driving not just a means of transportation but also a truly enjoyable experience.Apart from their sleek exterior, BMW’s interior is equally impressive. The elegant and luxurious cabin exudes a feeling of comfort and sophistication. Leather seats, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art infotainment systems are just some of the features that make riding in a BMW a delightful experience.One model that showcases BMW’s dedication to innovation is the 7 Series. The latest version of this line offers a plethora of upgrades, including a new intelligent personal assistant and voice-activated gesture controls. These features allow drivers to easily control various functions

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