New E-Class Coming: Save the Date!

Debut of Next-Generation Mercedes Vehicle Line

Mercedes has made known that the virtual launch of their next iteration of the E-Class is set to be on Tuesday, April 25th at 5 pm Eastern Time. This is the 6th iteration of the mid-size executive saloon with the moniker “E-Class.” However, searching back to when the W120 initially hit outlets in 1953, there has been an extensive history of this particular line. Bearing that in mind, this denotes the 10th phased lineup of the E-Class.

Mercedes has provided us a peek of the fresh car’s silhouette by way of a teaser picture, however, we’ve already witnessed spy photos; the underlying version has been divulged and Mercedes has been quite candidg about the advanced infotainment scheme. The new edition is liable to confer the level of comfortability and luxury one anticipates from an E-Class yet achieves unparalleled heights in terms of hi-end infotainment technology.

The recently taken photographs of prototypes reveal that the new E-Class’s design will be a progressive version of the prior generation, encompassing body shapes from a station wagon to an SUV-style wagon. We can infer that a coupe and convertible model will not be provided under the name ‘CLE-Class’. The architecture of the E-Class is anticipated to follow that of the C-Class and S-Class, in terms of having both electrified and AMG variations. It appears that the exterior style of the E-class will bear some resemblance to the S-Class. The overall shape of the car at the front, however, will be much more rounded in comparison.

The most notable aspect of the E-Class’s introduction is the brand-new Superscreen. An improved version of the Hyperscreen, this display consists of an upright digital instrument panel and two extra monitors. Customers who buy the Entertainment Package will be able to capitalize on a plethora of exciting new features. For example, drivers can now join meetings and conferences via Zoom or Webex with a video camera, as well as use a selfie camera. Additionally, it is possible to add third-party apps to the system. The passenger screen actively prevents distractions from disruptive images while both displays are configured with a well-structured, colour coded layout. This innovative technology also offers different show styles and three modes; plus, its rotational design enables background illumination to be modified to fit the ambience.

The base rendition does not seem to include the modernized Superscreen, yet does flaunt an attractive hunk of wood with an open-pore finish instead of multiple monitors. Four-cylinder engines will be accessible, with the E300 likely incorporating Mercedes’ turbocharged 2.0-liter motor yielding 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. A hybrid variant is expectant as well, and the EQE carries on appeasing buyers who yearn for a fully electrified vehicle.

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