GM May Produce Dream Wagon, But Exclusively for China

GM-Backed Wuling Shares Photos of Potential Starlight Sedan Wagon, Fingers Crossed for Production

After discontinuing the Buick Regal TourX, General Motors has not introduced a station wagon in the US market. However, this type of vehicle is still thriving under GM’s Wuling joint venture brand in China. In fact, they have recently unveiled a striking estate model based on their Starlight sedan.

Wuling has not made any statements regarding the possibility of a production model for this charming wagon. However, GM Authority reports that the company has shared these photos as a means to assess public interest in such a vehicle. After seeing these images, we believe it would be a wise decision to put it into production.

The Starlight Wagon boasts a sleek and pointed front end, complete with a luminous bar stretching across the tip of the bonnet. Its primary headlights are positioned at the lower corners, while the grille features an intricate pattern of dividers intersected by the main bumper configuration. The wheels are reminiscent of the iconic Volk Racing TE37 style, showcasing six spokes that have proven their ability to complement any vehicle.

The sleekly curved windshield and roof shape contribute to the aerodynamic structure. These photos display the Starlight Wagon featuring a rooftop storage unit. However, the box is rather modest in size, leaving limited space for storing items inside.

Take a look at the comparison of the Starlight wagon and the currently available sedan:The Starlight wagon is displayed alongside the already established sedan model.

The back end contributes a touch of edginess to the overall polished appearance. A spoiler is integrated into the edge of the roof, while the rear windshield slopes backwards. The taillights are situated within an elevated strip that stretches across the entire hatchback.

Wuling chose not to unveil any photos of the Starlight Wagon’s interior, though it is likely that the cabin will bear a striking resemblance to the current sedan’s. The design is rather uncomplicated, featuring distinct screens for both the instrument panel and entertainment functions. A small number of buttons and a rotary knob are situated on the central console.

The Starlight sedan can now be equipped with both plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrain choices. Assumingly, these alternatives would also be accessible for the wagon if it gets approved for manufacturing.

The Starlight sedan has a starting price of approximately $12,478 (equivalent to 88,800 Yuan) in China. We believe that a wagon model would only have a slightly higher cost, making it a highly desirable option for those who love station wagons and are on a limited budget.

Despite Wuling’s potential decision to produce the Starlight wagon, it is unlikely that it would ever reach American markets. Nevertheless, we strongly advocate for an increase in the number of wagons available worldwide. Therefore, we fervently hope that this vehicle does not remain a mere concept for an extended period of time.

Source: GM Authority

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