New Rivian R2 Compact SUV to Debut in March – Leaked Information

Simple Calculation = Clear Answer: No Other Conclusion

“Lighting and product support.”It seems that Rivian will be introducing its new R2 small SUV at a unique event in Laguna Beach, California, on March 7th. As mentioned by a member of the forum for Rivian, an individual on Reddit discovered that the City of Laguna Beach received an application from Rivian asking for approval to utilize a local park. The purpose of this request? “Lighting and assistance for their product.”

According to the city agenda notes, Rivian has announced its intention to hold its global product launch event at the Rivian Theatre in March 2024. The company has specifically requested the utilization of a section of Main Beach Park to facilitate the product launch.

According to the agenda report, the exhibition is planned to take place on March 7, 2024. It also states that “the vehicles will only be showcased for informational purposes and will not be up for sale.”

It is evident that a launch event is imminent, as many indicators suggest. However, a cautious reader notes the possibility of our excitement being directed towards the simple release of the revamped Camp Kitchen and Gear Tunnel.

Thankfully, it appears that the R2 will indeed make its debut. According to Rivian CFO Claire McDonough, the unveiling of the R2 is scheduled for early 2024, as stated in June 2023. This statement was reiterated by CEO RJ Scaringe later in the year. “We are extremely thrilled about the future of the R2,” Scaringe exclaimed in August. “We eagerly anticipate showcasing this product in the beginning of 2024.”

What exactly is it that we are anticipating?

The upcoming Rivian R2 is expected to be a more accessible and user-friendly vehicle compared to its larger counterpart, the R1S SUV. With a price range of $40,000 to $60,000, the R2 aims to cater to a wider audience. According to McDonough, the R2 will still embody an adventurous look, but the company has learned from their previous model’s mistakes and is now prioritizing a well-rounded experience for its customers. McDonough also acknowledged that while some areas may have been over-engineered, others may have fallen short, as seen with the faulty Camp Kitchen. Therefore, Rivian is taking a cautious approach in ensuring that the R2 delivers the best overall experience for its users.

It is highly probable that R2 will generate multiple versions, potentially even a diminutive truck compared to the R1T. Additionally, an R3 can also be anticipated in the future. If these prove successful, trademark applications imply that Rivian intends to introduce R4 and R5 variations as well. As early as 2019, Rivian declared their ambition to release six new models by 2025, meaning that what we witness in March could merely be the initial phase.

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