Nissan Boasts Armada is Much Better Than Land Cruiser

Twin-Turbo V6 to Replace V8

Nissan showcased a variety of zany electric inventions at the 2023 Japan Mobility Exhibition, but conference-goers in Tokyo had anxious queries about the fresh Armada. Technically offered as a Patrol in various places, this substantial SUV’s roots extend back to early 2010, making it archaic when compared to competing models. Happily, the following version is nearly ready for prime time and could justify the postponement.

Ivan Espinosa, Nissan’s senior vice president of global product strategy and product planning, stated to CarExpert that the Armada will be propelled upmarket to rival more luxurious large SUVs: “It all depends on the market. Obviously, I don’t like to say this but the Toyota Land Cruiser [300 Series] is a competitor. The car is much better than the Land Cruiser. You will drive it, then we can talk when you drive it.”

It is necessary to emphasize that the Toyota corporation is not offering its Land Cruiser 300 vehicle for sale in America, where it has just recently rolled out the 2024 Land Cruiser 250 or the Prado overseas.

Espinosa confirmed the speculation that the V8 engine will be replaced by a twin-turbo V6. If you are among those who believe that “there is no replacement for displacement”, then you might not be thrilled about losing two cylinders. However, the VP said that “you will not lament the V8”. He still loves the powerful 5.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, but he argues that its smaller replacement with forced induction will be superior.

According to a spokesman from Nissan, as reported by Automotive News in late August, the TT V6 can bring about 424 horsepower to the road with the help of its nine-speed automated transmission. To recall, the older NA V8 possesses 400 hp along with seven-speed automatic transmission. It is assumed that turbocharging will provide an impressive surge in torque surpassing the 413 lb-ft of the preceding engine.

The long-lived V8 is officially no more, and gone too are diesel engines from the sizable Nissan SUV. This is primarily due to waning interest among buyers in the Middle East, where gasoline reigns supreme. Fortunately, a replacement option in the form of a powerful TT V6 has arrived, offering improved fuel economy compared to the outdated eight-cylinder engine.

Espinosa admitted that the Armada is aging, particularly in terms of its infotainment system. He promised that the next-generation model will bring a “big, big key change to technology,” but he did not divulge any specifics. It is likely that these changes will also be applied to the more luxurious Infiniti QX80.

Source: CarExpert

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