Old School Vs New: Classic Muscle Cars Race

Classic Muscle Cars Challenge Modern Dragsters

Anticipations are that modern-day muscle cars will remain in the lead on the dragstrip even in their stock form, thanks to their relentless advance in power and performance. Particularly, the explored Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 as well as the Ford Mustang GTD could possibly revolutionize races down the track.

In spite of this, current American muscle cars may still find themselves pitted against veteran models amidst the races featured in Wheels Plus’ recently uploaded YouTube video. Despite the evolution of technology and engineering, the classic outline of vintage powerhouses still remains a formidable competitor.

Owing to a few rationales, the fresh school of modern muscle motors can outpace their traditional equivalents during a drag race especially when in stock configuration. The latest muscle cars, for instance Dodge’s Challenger and Charger Hellcats, provide surpassing 700hp of strength. Moreover, the upcoming Demon 170 will furnish excess of 1000hp.

Meanwhile, with output bottoming out around 500 horsepower, the Ford Mustang GT sees its Shelby models improving that figure to a whopping 760. Pushing further than ever, Ford’s upcoming Mustang GTD claims a minimum of 800 hp for last-stretch drag racing. On Chevrolet’s side, the Camaro ZL1 adds up to just under 650 horsepower.

It should be pointed out that fanatics of automobiles have been striving to surpass the boundaries delimited by producers, getting ECU tweaks, supercharging and turbocharging in order to up the power of their contemporary muscle vehicles. Similar to many drag races, it is quite probable that the present-day cars involved in the YouTube video are significantly modified.

Modern Muscle Cars vs Old School - drag racing

In an intriguing contrast, the compilation video put together by Wheels Plus features drag races between classic and modern muscle cars. One notable event featured a traditional Grabber Blue Mustang Mach 1 racing a more recent Dodge Hellcat, with surprisingly tight results – The Mach 1 victory clocking 10.256 seconds to its competitor’s 10.259. Magnifying the Mach 1’s ability was another event pitting it against a redesigned S550 Mustang, which it handily defeated.

In the later portion of the video, a Hellcat goes up against a 2nd-gen Chevy Impala. The Hellcat far outshines its opponent with an impressive 11.39s as opposed to the Impala’s 13.22s time. It all comes down to the motor, operator, mass of the vehicle, and how readily the car can transfer the power to the asphalt. Witness the whole action to witness the way the vintage cars compared against their state-of-the-art competitors.

Approximately sixty years ago, muscle cars surged in popularity after receiving massive exposure. As these models took over, they ushered in a renewed focus on performance, forming the basis for the contemporary automobiles we know of today. Regrettably, many of the original muscle cars don’t hold as much strength as their current incarnations due to the restrictions in technology and techniques available at the time.

Despite this, automobile producers have still managed to craft and construct cars that are stronger and quicker compared to the usual street vehicles. Even though now they might be perceived as obsolete, classic muscle cars have acquired a newfound logic due to preservation actions done by devotees and lovers. Moreover, many of them did not hesitate to upgrade their vehicles with advanced trimmings, sections, and equipment.

At times, these changes may involve replacing the original engines with potent new powerplants. This is one of the primary explanations as to why vintage muscle cars are capable of contending against more current vehicles in drag racing scenarios.

As evidenced in the video, alterations can significantly enhance performance, regardless of whether the muscle car is vintage or contemporary.

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