Traxxas Revives 80’s Classic: Mustang 5.0 Notchback

Scale R/C Drag Slash: Traxxas’ Fox Body Mustang
Mustang vs C10 No Prep Showdown | @Traxxas Drag Slash

Popular amongst muscle vehicle aficionados, Mustang supporters, as well as people who enjoy automobiles from that era, Ford Mustang Fox Bodies of the 1980s are a longtime favorite. The fastback and convertible body styles usually take centerstage; drag racers however go for the lighter notchback cars. For those who yearn to own a notchback Fox Body yet can’t, a promising 1/10th scale alternate providesplenty of enjoyment.

As part of its Drag Slash collection, Traxxas now offers the 1980s notchback Mustang in two colors – red and black. Just like the classic Chevrolet C10, Traxxas says the Mustang provides “the ultimate drag racing experience for racers of all skill levels.” This no prep racing package features Drag Mode with Trans Brake and VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control for rapid acceleration. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to take their drag racing game to the next level.

The Drag Slash Mustang is priced at an expected $349.95, not including its power source. Customers interested in purchasing the car have an array of NiMH and LiPo batteries to select from, with prices ranging from thirty-four dollars and ninety-five cents up to one hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents. Additionally, it also has a Traxxas 3500Kv Motor and Pro Series Magnum 272Rs transmission as extra features for convenience and practicality. Precisely spoken, when fully assembled and fitted, this Fox Body Mustang stretches to 30.7 inches in length and weighs just above 5 pounds.

Touting themselves as “The Fastest Name in Radio Control,” Traxxas produces some awesome designs that make it easy for anyone to get into the world of R/C cars. Along with the Fox Body Mustang and the Chevrolet C10, they also manufacture cars based on the Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod, like the coupe and truck. These vehicles are incredibly durable and boast detailed, top-notch construction, making them as realistic as one can get on a 1/10 scale.

The Fantastic Drag Slash Mustang is equipped with a wheelie bar, granting it the ability to attain lift off its front tires. Earlier we saw the Chevrolet C10 Drag Slash car, and now it appears that the Mustang inherits the same craving for speed and amusement, highlighted by a powerful launch, stability control, and the capacity to contend all day.

Source: Traxxas via YouTube

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