Only 2 New Land Cruisers Left!

Locate Them: Our Mission.

This spring, the Toyota Land Cruiser is making a comeback to car dealers in America after an extended absence of three years. But if you want the previous edition, rejoice: currently two fresh models remain at American dealerships, according Motor1, as verified by a Toyota representative.

Queried about the location of the highly sought after Cruisers, a Toyota spokeswoman informed Motor1 that the company had no knowledge of their whereabouts and suggested they might exist in any area of the nation. Exploring popular auto-merchandising websites proved fruitless, hinting at a possibility that the vehicles could be inside dealership stockrooms but not available to purchase.

It’s unrealistic for us to contact each individual Toyota dealer across the nation to determine if they have new Land Cruisers in stock, so we’re inquiring here. If anyone knows of a dealership with such a vehicle available, we’d appreciate it if you would remark on this post or drop us an email at

Toyota decided to discontinue the Land Cruiser for the 2021 model year in the United States, but some have still been lingering in dealerships since then. Last year, the vehicles moved off the lots totaled 3,711; however, that number had dropped to only 48 units in 2022.

In 2023, Toyota released seven new iterations of the famed Land Cruiser in the US from existing dealer inventories. Certainly some customers would prefer to own the tried-and-true V8-powered version over the forthcoming turbocharged four-cylinder alternative, despite its additional cost.

Complete pricing for the 2024 Land Cruiser is as of yet unavailable. Toyota has remarked that the truck will initiate at approximately mid-$50,000, a significantly reduced cost compared with the 2021 model year’s MSRP of $82,010. In addition, it will preserve its rugged ancestry through the provision of usual accommodations such as all-wheel power, a two-speed transmission, and low-speed crawl control made available for off-roading. Alternatively, those eager for the V8 equipped full-size Land Cruiser must locate one of the remaining two models still in existence, for alas, the new 300 Series, exclusive to outside markets, does not offer this version.

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