, or Courier Toyota’s Modular Transformable Truck

IMV 0: Pickups Transcending Mulch Hauling

Toyota IMV 0 will be a focal point of the motor company’s conspicuous presence at the 2023 Japan Mobility Spectacle. This concept brings forth an adaptable electric vehicle platform that may either serve as an accommodate truck or a van, depending upon the customer’s demands.

At Toyota’s station, multiple variations on the IMV 0 – otherwise known as the International Multi-Purpose Vehicle 0 – are showcased. One iteration comes as a rolling cafe, while another sports a gigantic vending machine in its cargo area that offers capsule figures.

Screens at the booth will put on display additional possible uses of this platform. The following gallery features variants ranging from a small cargo truck, a strong ambulance, an attractive minitruck, an off-road-fitted model, and even a miniature camper.

Toyota has not disclosed any power specification for the IMV 0. At 208.7 inches (5,300 mm) in length, 70.28 inches (1,785 mm) wide and 68.5 inches (1,740 mm) tall, it is a good-sized car, with a wheelbase of 121.5 inches. For those needing extra space, some of the van models can accommodate more passengers.

It appears that the IMV 0 drew inspiration from the Toyota Rangga Concept, which was featured at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show this past August. Moreover, it is said to come with multiple variations such as the mobile vending model and the imposing off-roader variant in Japan.

Upon the debut of the Rangga concept, Toyota expressed that a manufacture version was impending.

Toyota’s creative brains have been hard at work dreaming up vehicle ideas. Such as the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser, which was a cube-like SUV design potentially applicable to either Earth or the moon!

If you’re after something a bit less cubical, then the Kayoibako might be just what you’re looking for at Japan’s Mobility Show. The concept design features small windows, adding to its solid and somewhat uninviting form. Toyota’s conception of this vehicle is intended primarily as a shuttle bus or for short-last mile cargo deliveries.

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 runs from Thursday, 26th October to Sunday, 5th November. Motor1.com will have correspondants attending all the spectacular launches.

Source: Toyota

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