Toyota’s Kayoibako: Versatile All-Electric Van

Boxy Concept Debuts at Japan Mobility Show

Ahead of the Japan Mobility Show being held in 2023, Toyota made public another concept slated to be displayed at this upcoming occasion. This bizarre little friend is known as the Kayoibako – an all-electrical minivan which should fulfil customers’ requirements owing to its highly utilitarian, commodious yet diminutive figure.

The idea for the Kayoibako was born from a need for a cost-effective and practical vehicle with an “ultra-expandable” interior that could meet the requirements of both private and professional users. According to Toyota, the electric van is capable of “supporting a wide range of applications”, including last-mile logistics.

The Kayoibako could be an ideal pollution-free delivery vehicle in the bustling metropolis of Toyko. However, this isn’t a transport designed just for one purpose alone. Just affix some racks in the back and you’ve got yourself a mobile store! If you want to convey friends and relatives then simply attach some seating in the rear and now you have a fully fitting minivan.

No doubt, at the size of 157 inches, it may not offer as much space as the Sienna of the family. Even so, its compact measurements (70.5 inches wide, 73 inches tall) make it an ideal commodious motor car for traffic-jammed city spaces. Its wheelbase of 110.2 inches is only 10.3 inches shorter than the roomier Sienna. Envision the Kayoibako as a Swiss Army knife and you’ll grasp the idea Toyota was looking to achieve.

Converting a van or automobile can be an expensive investment for individuals who use wheelchairs, however, Kayoibako’s innovative design has led to easier access and mobility to those with distinct requirements.

Toyota has unveiled a miniature electric van that can be tailored with both software and hardware dependent on its purpose. If it is pursued for production, the concept vehicle is envisioned to act as a part of interconnected intelligent social systems and smart grids.

“The Japanese word ‘kayoibako’ translates directly to ‘returnable box.’ According to Toyota, this term refers to configurable shipping containers that are used to transfer components between facilities. This unique system helps to reduce unnecessary waste and can accommodate parts and products of varying sizes – much like the concept seen here.”

One can’t help but be reminded of the Canoo EV upon beholding the design of the Kayoibako. Though it is notably scaled down and its features take on a cubical shape, it makes up for Modern touches show themselves in how Toyota smartly put the badging and headlights into the front glass panel. However, the side windows are slender, although the interior remains enlightened with the support of glass roofs.

Drawing from the photos presented by Toyota, there is a clear notion that a sporty rendition will be soon available. It will boast large-diameter rims, slim-profile tires, and tremendous brakes. It is possible then the Kayoibako might reap the GR treatment when it launches or Modellista might craft up some flashy adornments to spruce up the vehicle’s façade.

The interior features a streamlined design, featuring an expansive digital display across the entire dash. There is a wheel with a yoke-look and a touchscreen. The car contains a seat for the driver–with the potential to incorporate more, depending on the requirements.

Not many more details were shared by Toyota, so specifics have yet to be revealed such as the particulars of the battery size, the charging intervals, its output and fuel economy. However, according to their recent declaration, their flagship Kayoibako may be fitted with Toyota’s advanced solid-state batteries. The futuristic tech has been promised to roll out no later than 2026 and offer a range of up to 600 miles, beginning the subsequent year.

If the Kayoibako isn’t what you’re looking for, Toyota has also announced that they will be revealing two additional electric prototypes at the Japan Mobility Show. One of these designs is a sports vehicle while the top-end Lexus brand are set to showcase a stunning electric sedan.

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