Paris Approves Triple Fee Increase for Heavy Vehicle Parking

Parisians Push for $20 Hourly Parking Fee on Bulky Vehicles After Referendum

The latest research from the European Federation for Transport and Environment reveals a growing issue with SUVs in Europe – they are becoming increasingly oversized for roads and parking facilities. Along with the environmental impact of these vehicles, activists are pushing for regulations to limit ownership of these bulky models.Earlier this year, the European Federation for Transport and Environment released a study which highlighted a rising problem in Europe – the size of SUVs is outgrowing the capacity of roads and parking areas. In light of the harmful emissions produced by these vehicles, advocates for climate change are demanding measures be taken to curb the ownership of these excessively large cars.

Recent voting results in Paris have revealed that there is a general acceptance among citizens for creating tougher conditions for SUV drivers. In a referendum held over the weekend, it was decided that parking fees would be raised significantly, with charges now reaching up to €18 per hour (around $20) in the central zone and €12 (approximately $13) in other areas of the city. It should be noted that these adjustments do not pertain to residential parking spaces.

It is worth noting that the resolution will not solely affect crossover and SUV models. Those who own conventional cars with a weight of 1,600 kilograms (3,527 pounds) or higher will also be required to pay an additional amount. Furthermore, electric vehicles weighing above 2,000 kg (4,409 lbs) will face similar consequences. However, those residing or employed in Paris will be excluded from this regulation, as well as individuals with disabilities. Moreover, taxi drivers, medical professionals, and skilled workers will not be subject to the decision of the vote.

A mere 5.7% of the voting population, approximately 78,000 individuals out of a grand total of 1.3 million, partook in the election at any of the 39 designated polling stations. The Parisian inhabitants largely favored the proposal to triple parking fees for larger vehicles with a majority of 54.55%. Despite the lackluster voter turnout, it is anticipated that this measure will take effect as soon as September 2024.

The recent ballot held in April of last year to prohibit rental electric scooters was met with minimal enthusiasm, garnering a meager 103,000 voters and comprising only seven percent of the total registered electorate. Despite the lackluster participation rate, the decision to prohibit rented electric scooters within the City of Lights was ultimately passed.

According to Paris’ deputy mayor for transport, David Belliard, the recent referendum is expected to have an effect on approximately 10 percent of the city’s vehicles. This means that owners of large luxury SUVs, like the Mercedes GLE or BMW X5, may not be concerned with the increase in the hourly rate from €6 to €18.

Having said that, the result of the voting may potentially influence other cities to take comparable measures. Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo is optimistic that multiple European cities will be motivated to follow suit, as she believes that these actions are necessary in addressing important issues.

Source: France24


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