Pickup Truck Accident Causes Massive Gas Station Explosion

Driver’s Seizure Behind the Wheel Results in Minor Injuries

OkayA shocking footage from New Mexico was released on social media on Monday, revealing a truck driver crashing into a gas pump and causing extensive damage to a station due to a reported seizure while driving. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and the driver reportedly only suffered minor injuries.

A dash cam captured the entire incident in a small town called La Plata, as shown in a video by extrezionx on TikTok. The footage was taken in front of a Speedway gas station and has an unsettling resemblance to scenes from Final Destination. Viewers should be aware that the clip contains explicit language before pressing play. Given that the crash took place directly in front of the camera, it’s not surprising to hear a few expletives being uttered.

As the footage draws closer to the station, we can spot the bright beams of a pickup truck making its way towards us from afar. The timestamp displayed on the video reveals a date of February 4 at around 8:42 pm in the local time zone. Everything appears to be in order, until the lights abruptly swerve towards the station without any signs of deceleration. Hitting the pause button just before the collision unveils that the truck is a GMC Sierra from the initial generation, produced between 1999 and 2007.

Resuming its movement, the footage reveals the pickup truck’s fiery destruction as it smashes into the fuel pump and support beam holding up the roof, resulting in its collapse and the sudden eruption of gasoline-fueled flames. Based on our observation, the driver of the GMC did not attempt to brake, which strangely enough may have aided in preventing a worse outcome. Had the collision occurred at a reduced speed, the truck could have become wedged under the fallen canopy, trapping it within the spreading inferno. However, thanks to its higher velocity, the Sierra veers offscreen and comes to a halt near a nearby tree, as depicted in additional footage provided by extrezionx.

According to an unverified report by Storyful, the driver of the GMC involved in the crash was a female who suffered from a seizure. The same report mentions that she only sustained minor injuries as a consequence. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Department attended to the emergency, and we reached out to their office for confirmation. However, they were unable to provide any further information regarding the incident. As soon as new details emerge, we will revise and modify this article accordingly.

Looking at it from our perspective, this collision could have resulted in a much more dire outcome. It is important to take precautions and prioritize safety while out on the road.

Source: extrezionx / TikTok

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