Pininfarina’s Giuseppe Hypercar Revealed

Pininfarina Teaser Unlocked!

Automobili Pininfarina recently posted a cryptic hint on its various social media accounts, which suggested that a much-loved classic will be revived this summer. The release date is 7/11/23 and it was accompanied by vintage Formula 1 racing clips. As explained by Automobili Pininfarina, this announcement will involve fearlessness, focus, and familial elements.

This video could be related to the single teaser image that was released earlier this year. The image showed a vehicle hidden under a cover, featuring the number “01” on the front. Back then, it was unclear what the image was trying to suggest, but Automobili Pininfarina may have just revealed the secret with the use of the word “family.” *Vin Diesel intensifies.*

The strong influence of family is a key factor for Pininfarina. Their inaugural vehicle as an independent maker is named after its founder, who was stimulated to design cars from the very start but ended up spending most of his professional life creating components for cars such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, and even General Motors.

On 11th July we will be announcing something extra special which means a lot to us. Blending #intrepidity, #determination and #kinship, this is the outcome of immense effort and devotion. For an exclusive look at what we have in store, click here:

A couple of months ago, we got in touch with Paolo Dellacha, the Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, who was named to his position not long before. He shared some details about the Pininfarina Battista and also illuminated us on the essence of the business’ background. Dellacha is the opening non-family head for the company.

In order to gain insight into what this automobile is predicted to be like, we must trace our journey back to Stabilimenti Farina, an organization that was established in 1906 by Giovanni Carlo Farina. His brother, Battista Farina, later founded his own coachbuilding business known today as Pininfarina. Out of this business has come the astonishingly fast vehicle dubbed after him.

Giovanni Carlo Farina sired a son, Giuseppe, who ultimately attained the title of the inaugural Formula 1 World Champion. Although sundry country-based Grands Prix were held before 1950, it was not until the early 1940s that the disparate Grand Prix organizers decided to coalesce into an overall championship. Circumstances at the time necessitated that the initial bona fide F1 race (as we understand it presently) occurred at Silverstone in 1950.

Giuseppe Farina was victorious over his comrade, Juan Manuel Fangio, in 1950; however, he was unable to reclaim the championship. His last great success came at the 1953 German Grand Prix. Subsequently, Giuseppe resigned from auto racing in 1956 due to witnessing far too much devastation. In particular, the combination of watching his coworker become mangled up in the 1956 Indianapolis 500 prompted him to exit the sport. Tragically, while en route to the 1966 French Grand Prix, he perished in a car collision.

It appears that Giuseppe Farina is being showcased in the preview video – suggesting that Automobili Pininfarina must be crafting a tribute of some sort. We believe this vehicle won’t look like an cigar-shaped car. Already, Pininfarina commercializes F1 sim racers inspired by these vintage stogie autos, which are amazing.

We’d be willing to wager a considerable sum that the automobile beneath the sheet is Battista-inspired, yet with design components taken from the Ferrari Sigma. The Battista has a great deal in common with the Rimac Nevera, yet doesn’t share the same platform. “I would not refer to it as a Rimac platform, but rather a Rimac and Automobili Pininfarina platform,” Dellacha told CarBuzz.

The Ferrari Sigma was a pioneering Formula 1 concept that was presented in 1969, created by Pininfarina (then Pinin Farina). The development of the vehicle came as a direct consequence of the tragic number deaths occurring in F1 racing. Back then, the business was managed by Renzo Carli, who was married to Gianna Pininfarina, daughter of Battista. Additionally Giuseppe Farina, her cousin, had witnessed much of the devastation during this era.

Sadly, it took two fatalities over a single weekend in 1994 for Formula One to genuinely prioritize safety. The Sigma was equipped with a plethora of fresh, cutting-edge safety components which could have potentially avoided multiple fatalities. Such features contained a driver survival cell, several-layered fuel tanks, a race harness, and a flame inhibition arrangement.

The Sigma was debuted displaying a special paint-job, which is anticipated to be transferred to the Battista. Bearing in mind that Formula One vehicles are renowned around the world for their open design, this is also an ideal opportunity to introduce a roadster.

A key query remains: will Automobili Pininfarina keep their specific naming system? If that is the case, then the roadster will be called Giuseppe. While Sigma could possibly work, we are enthusiastically cheering on an incredible convertible hypercar entitled Giuseppe.

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