Winners of Japanese F1 GP KIss Trophies

Drivers’ National Colors Light Up in Kiss Display

This year, awards at the Japanese Grand Prix will be quite spectacular; Lenovo, the title sponsor for the event, has asked Pininfarina of America to fabricate trophies that honor the nationalities of the top three finishers – and these will be ‘lit’, so to speak. Upon the victor’s taking the podium, the trophies will be activated by means of a kiss.

As per Pininfarina, the awards have been configured to look like the air intake of a Formula 1 vehicle and enriched with a configurational design similar to the Lenovo emblem.

Every trophy in this competition will boast a touch-sensitive microswitch connected to a “complex array of LED lights.” When the winner kisses the trophy, the device will display the flag colors associated with the victor. To make sure the driver knows exactly where to kiss the trophy, it will be equipped with a series of subtle light guides.

Just ahead of the award ceremony, the obligatory flags will be affixed to the trophies.

Pininfarina is a renowned creator of some of the most noteworthy automotive designs across eras. Their U.S.-based branch carries out product, industrial, architectural, inside decorating, nautical, and aviation design. Two of its internationally renowned works are Istanbul’s Grand Airport and Coca-Cola’s Freestyle vending machines, alongside the Juventus Stadium. Their recent achievement in the realm of autos, projects from the Automobili Pininfarina venture. The Battista – an awe-inspiringly fast, fully electric hypercar – shares many resemblances with the Rimac Nevera, for which Automobili Pininfarina has presentedd three variants to date, the B95 being by far the most mesmerizing.

Evidently, Pininfarina has a knack for illustration. Showcasing their creativity through drawing, the brand proves its artistry when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. It’s no surprise that they’ve held fast in the world of design and engineering; after all, their capacities with the pen are undeniably remarkable.

The Japanese Grand Prix has just begun, with both precedentary runs having been completed. After a grave performance at the Malaysian Grand Prix, Red Bull reappears in glory. Max Verstappen was at the top of the leaderboard in both sessions, followed closely by Charles Leclerc and Land Norris.

Red Bull were aware of the potential for their vehicle to under-achieve in Singapore, which has provoked a number of ideas. The most convincing we have come across is that RBR had to mount it higher up to preserve the plate underneath from being eroded. Being set very low, the Malaysian street track would’ve exhausted effort and could have resulted in their car becoming unlawful.

Considering this, it’s time to affix the renowned Dutch colors to the triumphant accolade. It is also quintessential to keep this masterpiece a safe distance from Lando Norris, known for snatchin’ trophies.

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