Pink Audi R8: Not Quite Lamborghini

Exceptional Work, Limited Appeal

Peradventure among the most visually stunning supercars of the current century, the Audi R8 still faces some minor distinction in regards to personal preferences; however, an owner thought it apt to emphasize the Lamborghini brotherhood of the automobile with an absolutely wild-looking body kit.

This German-made vehicle has been turned into a unique today, having retained exclusively its roof, frontlights, doors and side mirrors. Made by the Malaysian Puzzle Bodykits, all of the other bodywork was crafted especially for this model.

The bold front-end flaunts prominent air intakes, a pronounced front splitter, and swollen fender flares replete with air vents. In its entirety, the frontal façade bears an uncanny semblance to a modern R8 suitably kitted for GT3 racing. Oversized side skirts command the side view, without the signature blade covers over the intakes.

The huge, white-hued rims from HRE are a sight to behold, catching your eye with their bright yellow brake calipers. In combination with the dazzling pink hue of the car body, the impact is certainly overwhelming. Still, that’s nothing when compared to the backside of this automobile, which has unmistakeably taken its design cue from the spirited aerodynamic forms of Lamborghini cars like the Aventador SVJ and Huracán STO.

The gargantuan diffuser found on Puzzle Bodykits resembles the outlandish Centenario. But that’s not all, it also incorporates features from other models of Lamborghini’s, including the taillights from a Murcielago and the stiff spoiler of a Gallardo Superleggera.

At last, the exhausts have been relocated and now protrude out of the back panel like one on a Huracan. To finish it off, a pattern that appears to be based on Lamborghini’s Ypsilon design has been added to the front and back wheel-arches, whilst the car has been lowered for a more fierce appearance.

There’s no view as to if any power upgrades have taken place, yet the standard R8 can generate 562 horsepower from its 5.2L V10. More importantly, it looks as though the proprietor is maybe mainly seeking to captivate stares at slower speeds.

It can be perceived as divisive, but there’s no denying this tailored R8 has been built to high caliber, and it surely isn’t the least satisfactory custom-made R8 observed; that title goes to an inordinately abysmal LaFerrari salute.

As the R8 fades into retirement, both generations are sure to mount in worth and grow more sought after than ever. We’re expecting this certain model won’t be on the watchlist of any serious accumulators, however, based on its unique exterior.

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