Porsche: 2025 911 Hybrid Limited in Weight

Electric Performance Focussed Powertrain

For years, Porsche have rumoured that their unbeatable sports car the 911 was about to become electric-powered. However, this hasn’t yet occurred and it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. This is despite the fact that the 992.2 facelift model will be released in 2021 without any electric motor included. In fact, all models of this kind won’t come with an electric engine unit until 2024 at the earliest.

Motor Trend had a chance to speak with Frank Moser, Vice President Model Lines 911 and 718, regarding what the future holds for the 911, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Moser made the exciting announcement that Porsche is currently working on the 992.2, which will feature a “hybrid, a performance hybrid”. He went on to say that the model should be available “about in the middle of the decade”.

MT was not completely satisfied with the ambiguous timeline, so they asked him when the first hybrid would be released: “Maybe two years.” This implies that none of the initial 992.2 models will be hybrids, suggesting that the electrified model(s) will be based on a powerful member of the vast 911 lineup. No matter what form it takes, Michael Steiner, Porsche board member for development, told MT that the hybrid sports car “should not get too heavy.”

Spied in the nearby photos is a prototype of the 992.2, but with a couple of unusual features. Of note is the yellow round sticker in the top-left corner of the rear window which indicates its electrified character, further confirmed by the “EV” letters on the license plate. According to reports, it’ll be a hybrid that won’t need to be plugged in – a logical conclusion, considering that plug-in hybrids have larger batteries which add extra weight and complexity, and can create packaging problems.

At the beginning of March, Autocar informed us of a plan to implement hybrid technology with the goal of creating the most potent and rapid 911 ever seen. This configuration is expected to be derived from the Turbo S equipped with a flat-six 3.8L motor and a mild-hybrid set-up inspired by the 963 LMDh endurance race car. Unexpectedly, gossip suggests that the collective power output should exceed 700 hp with an added bonus of an impressive expansion of the already outstanding 590 pound-feet (800 NM) of torque delivered by the Turbo S.

It has been made known, according to Autocar, that the weight premium will not overpower 220 pounds. To refresh one’s memory, the Turbo S sedan weighs approximately 3,636 pounds.

On multiple occasions, Porsche has proclaimed that an exclusively electric will not materialise in the course of this decade. Thus, a 911 EV is not forthcoming during the 992 generation. The 911 is set to be the last model of the brand to incorporate a combustion engine, which, with luck, may obtain new vitality facilitated by Porsche’s ventures in synthetic fuels.

Source: Motor Trend

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